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[[Image:AG4_covers_Small.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]
'''Magazine:''' [[The Arkham Gazette]]
'''Magazine:''' [[The Arkham Gazette]]
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'''Maps:''' [[William C. Kronk]]
'''Maps:''' [[William C. Kronk]]
'''Format:''' PDF
'''Format:''' PDF, Softcover
'''ISSN:''' ?
'''ISSN:''' ?

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Arkham Gazette

Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press

Product Code: SHP-AG-4

Publishing Year: December, 2021

Pages: 120

Cover Price: $14.99 (PDF); $19.99 (POD)

Editor: Bret Kramer

Authors: Bret Kramer, Geoff Gander, Charles Gerard, Keith Herber, Chris Jarocha-Ernst, R.E. Lumpkin, Kevin Ross, Danial Shariat, Christopher Smith Adair, Stephen Wand

Artists: Sam Beck, Marisa Bruno, Trevor Henderson, Chris Huth, Cristian Matzke, Galen Pejeau, Dean Engelhardt (handouts)

Maps: William C. Kronk

Format: PDF, Softcover



  • Locations in Greater Kingsport (Kramer, Herber, Smith Adair0
  • Hooper's Pond and the Old Brick Powderhouse (Gander)
  • The Hall School (Gander)
  • Neil's Curiosity Shop and Other Oddities (Gerard, with Kramer)
  • Kingsport Curios (Kramer, Gander, Shariat)
  • Kingsport's Ghosts (Kramer)
  • Alton Blackington (Wand and Gander)
  • Franklin Waite Price (Smith Adair)
  • De Vermiis Mysteris (Kramer, with Jarocha-Ernst)
  • Visions from Yaddith (Kramer)
  • Dr. Goddard's Rocket Test (Kramer, with Gander)
  • A Kingsport Bibliography (Kramer, with Jarocha-Ernst and Lumpkin)

Scenarios: Bones of Contention (Scenario) (Ross, with Kramer and Gander)

Front Cover Text

Kingsport: Dreams

Back Cover Text

Advertisement for "Bayt al Azif"

Comments / Trivia

Originally planned as 1 issue about Kingsport, the issue was divided in #4 Kingsport: Dreams and #5 Kingsport: Nightmares.

This issue is dedicated to Kevin Ross.



The Arkham Gazette #4 (DriveThruRPG)


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