Scanlon’s Daughter

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Down Darker Trails Front Cover

Game System: Call of Cthulhu (RPG)

Pages: 17

Author(s): Kevin Ross



Setting: 1870s, Wild West

Appears in: Down Darker Trails


“Scanlon’s Daughter” combines elements of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with the Hammer horror films The Reptile and Twins of Evil.

The story unfolds like a Western mystery, with the investigators trying to discover the truth behind Nick Clayton’s death. As they do so they are embroiled in the escalating feud between the Romeros and the Scanlons. Fights break out, livestock are found dead, ranch hands are killed, the lovers are imperiled, past secrets are unearthed, and all involved are constantly plagued by snakes.


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Locations: Scanlon Ranch, Romero Ranch

Creatures: Spawn of Yig, Child of Yig


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