Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus

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Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus AKA Egyptian Secrets, Egyptian Secrets for Man and Beast, White and Black Art for Man and Beast, Alburtus Magnus: Being the Approved, Verified, Sympathetic and Natural Egyptian Secrets or, White and Black Art for Man And Beast, Egyptische Geheimnisse für Menschen und Vieh, Bewahrte und Approbirte Sympathetische und Naturaliche Egyptische Geheimnisse fur Menschen und Vieh, Das Buch der Geheimnisse, Eine Sammlung, etc.

Origin: This is a real Tome; Manly Wade Wellman referred to the book and the traditions it embodies (one of which being that if the book is carried on one's person it will act as a shield against bad fortune), especially in his "Silver John" stories such as Who Fears the Devil?


A grimoire of German-American folk magic by John George Hohman, attributed to Albertus Magnus. It is a collection of spells, folk remedies, cures and magic, including amulets, cures for eye aches, sick horses, and how to make a mirror in which one can see everything, finding water, etc. The fourth section contains over 260 magic charms or spells as well as a two page section of medicinal plants at the rear.

Its titular references to Albertus Magnus is wholly spurious: to a seasoned occultist, it is clear from the contents that this collection has nothing to do with the great Dominican scholar Albertus Magnus (ca 1193-1280).

This spell book, which appeared in Cologne in the 18th century, lists a variety of spells and charms. "Egypt" refers to the Romani, rather than Egypt (the Romani, or "Gypsies", as their alternative name suggests were once believed to have originated in Egypt; "Egyptian" and "Gypsy" in this context being used to describe sorcery in much the same way that "Magic" evolved from a word meaning "of the Magi", a people from ancient Persia).

The content is notably similar to Pow-Wows; or, Long Lost Friend, which shares a number of spells, as well as a similar style of magic and incantation. Like that little tome, this little spell-book seems to have first appeared "in Braband" with a second expanded edition printed in Cologne in 1725. The book made its way to the Pennsylvania Dutch settlements in North America, where an English translation appeared.

Egyptische Geheimnisse

Language: German (According to Will-Erich Peuckert, the language and use of idioms point to an origin in the Swabian-Alemannic region.)

Physical Description: A pocket-sized book, heavy fading to the cloth, with the rear cover cloth rather rippled. Reddish paint/ink to the front cover. Moderate scuffing, some staining and minor soiling to the covers. Small puncture to the rear cover. Cloth splitting and tearing along the hinges. Extremities scuffed, bumped and worn. Front endpapers missing, with many rear endpapers present. Text block solid, with paper being of the laid variety. Scattered minor to heavy dampstaining throughout, with scattered foxing, also ranging from minor to moderate. A few pages with heavy drip stains. Several stray pencil marks present. The original German edition contains 4 books, and, though all four books are bound together, each book is paginated separately, with its own Title page, table of contents, and index. For the first three books the recipes are not numbered, but the fourth book numbers them.

General Content: A collection of spells, folk remedies, cures and magic attributed to Albertus Magnus, including amulets, cures for eye aches, sick horses, and how to make a mirror in which one can see everything, finding water, etc. The fourth section contains over 260 magic charms or spells as well as a two-page section of medicinal plants at the rear.

Egyptian Secrets (English Translation)

Language: English

Physical Description: Red cloth hardcover. There is three sections to this book, Vol I, #2, and #3. Total pages is 208. Binding is good, no writing. Some creasing of upper page corners. A newspaper clipping was inserted at page 8/9 and this browned those pages. The back cover has a little moisture damage at the top as the cloth is a little rippled. The English edition omits the fourth book (with its 260+ magic charms/spells). The three spells related to dreams (To Cause several kinds of Dreams, A Way to Cause Merry and Funny Dreams, and To Make Dark and Troublesome Dreams) are included as an appendix to the English language edition, and are copied from Giambattista della Porta's Magiae Naturalis.

General Content: A collection of spells, folk remedies, cures and magic attributed to Albertus Magnus, including amulets, cures for eye aches, sick horses, and how to make a mirror in which one can see everything, finding water, etc. Omits the German text's fourth part, but includes a two-page appendix of medicinal plants at the rear, as well as a short appendix on the art of Dreaming.


Partial contents:

Vol 1 - To secure Men and Beasts against Evil Spirits; To become Strong; To Stop the Blood; When Suffering from Burns; For the Wild Fire; For the Sweeny Disease; For Cramps; For Worms; For all kinds of Fevers; For Colic; To Heal Ruptures of Young and Aged People; For Epilepsy; For Scabs; For Putrid Mouths; For Sore Eyes; For Erysipelas; For Pestilence; When a Child is Liver Grown; For Consumptive Lungs; For Gravel; For Dysentery; For Cancer; How to detect a Thief; For the Gout; For Arthritis; For Sore Breasts; How to Recover Stolen Property; To make a Thief own up; For Hysterics; To Prevent Danger of Fire from your House; To Secure a House so that no Fire will ever go eat therein; How to Quench Fire; For Toothache; For the Itch; For Bad Hearing; To Destroy Bed Bugs; To make an Incombustible Oil; To drive away Spiders and House Flies; To Destroy Rats and Mice; A Curious Performance to Improve Common Wine, and make the same Good in a quick way; How to make Wine Good and Wholesome; To make Wine Clear in a quick manner; To Discern all Diseases by examining the Water; For Hydrophobia, and many other Approved Wonderful Performances, hitherto un­known, and now printed for the Benefit of Mankind, for the first time.


  • "To See what Others cannot See: Take a cat's eye, lay it in salt water, let it remain there for three days, and then for six days into the rays of the sun, after this have it set in silver, and hang it around your neck."
  • "To Open Locks: Kill a green frog, expose it to the sun for three days, powder or pulverize it. A little of this powder put into a lock will open the same."
  • "When a Child is Bewitched: Stand with the child toward the morning sun, and speak: Be welcome in God's name and sunshine, from whence didst brightly beam, aid me and my dear child and feign my songs serenely stream. To God the Father sound my praise, help praise the Holy Ghost that he restore my child to health, I praise the heavenly host."
  • "How to Discern all Secrets and Invisible Things: If you find a white adder under a hazelnut shrub, which had twelve other vipers as its twelve guardsmen with it, and the hazelnut bush, under which they lay, bears commonly medlers, you must eat the white adder with your other food, and you will be enabled to see and discern all secret and otherwise hidden things."
  • "An Excellent way to Prove whether a Person is a Witch or not: First. Try to obtain St. John's roots and one ounce of herb of the same plant called moto. Write the following letters upon a scrap of paper and put to the root and herbs, this must be sewed up in a piece of leather, and if you wish to see the witch, only carry the paper with you, but it must be taken in the hour when the first quarter of the moon oc­curs; you will then perceive that no witch can remain in the same room with you:"
    S A T O R
    A R E P O
    T E N E T
    O P E R A
    R O T A S
  • "To Make a Mirror in which Everything may be Discerned: Procure a looking glass, such as are commonly sold. In­scribe the characters noted below upon it. Inter it on the crossing of two pathways, during an uneven hour. On the third day thereafter, hie to the place at same hour, and take it out: but you must not be the first person to look into the glass. It is best to let a dog or a cat take the first look into the mirror:"
    S. Solam
    S. Tattler
    S. Echogartner
    EE: Echogardner.
  • "If desirous to See Miraculous Things: Take Argentumorium and wrap it up in a rag, and write, with wolf's blood, upon parchment; whoever carries these words on his person will be honored by every one, what he asks for he will receive, and if held be­fore a lock, the same will open unto him:"
    † Ada †
    † Aba ebe †
    † thanat do †
    † Zancha Agola †
    † Zaboha †


Keeper Notes; Heresies and Controversies

  • Best used in folksy, rural, country-folk type settings, especially among the Pennsylvania Dutch and perhaps Scots-Irish hill-folk (though these latter might be slightly more inclined to view this sort of thing as witchcraft).
  • The appendix on spells for dreaming might for our purposes be taken to refer to the Lovecraftian art of Dreaming, in reference to astral projection into the Dreamlands.

Mythos Content Spells:

  • Sanity Loss:
  • Mythos Knowledge:
  • Occult Knowledge: