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'''Publisher:''' [[Hobby Japan]]
'''Publisher:''' [[Hobby Japan]]
'''Translated Title:''' :The Twilight Angel
'''Translated Title:''' The Twilight Angel
'''Publishing Year:''' 1988
'''Publishing Year:''' 1988
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'''Format(s):''' Boxset
'''Format(s):''' Boxset

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Front cover

Publisher: Hobby Japan

Translated Title: The Twilight Angel

Publishing Year: 1988

Pages: BookNo.1 100, BookNo.2 80, Supplement 32

Cover Price: 4500+tax yen

Author(s): 有坂純(Jun Arisaka),山本史生(Fumio Yamamoto)

Editor:武田敏裕(Toshihiro Takeda),

Artist(s): 亜蘭善久

Setting(s): 1980s-1990s Japane

Format(s): Boxset



Front Cover Text


Back Cover Text

English translation

Comments / Trivia

This is the only large-scale campaign scenario available in Japan to date. This campaign was announced as the first part of a much larger campaign scenario called "The Legend of Yashime". The title of the second part was "Lorelei Partita": the outline of the Scenario was written to the level of being published in a magazine, but it was never released. It is also rumoured that the floppies containing the master data were corroded and damaged, so there are no surviving copies other than the one that was released.


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