Xo Tl’mi-go

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The Xo Tl’mi-go are from T.E.D. Klein's “Children of the Kingdom”.


Xo Tl’mi-go

"I saw, dimly in the streetlight, the empty craters where its eyes had been — empty but for two red dots, like tiny beads — and the gaping red ring of its mouth, like the sucker of some undersea creature. The face was alien and cold, without human expression, yet I swear that those eyes regarded one with utter malevolence — and that they recognized me.... I struggled to rise, and felt... the touch of naked limbs, smooth, rubbery flesh, hands that scuttled over me like starfish.
T.E.D. Klein's “Children of the Kingdom

The Xo Tl'mi-go are a loathsome troglodytic humanoid race with pale skin, webbed hands, and tapeworm-like head. They are a parasitic life form that requires human women to reproduce. They have been known to be driven out of their subterranean world by electrical storms.

Heresies and Controversies

  • A tribe of Native Americans called the Chibcha believe that the Xo Tl'mi are semi-divine offspring cursed by the gods with barrenness for their sins. (T.E.D. Klein's “Children of the Kingdom”)

Keeper Notes

Associated Mythos Elements