Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02

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Worlds of Cthulhu #2 Front Cover

Magazine: Worlds of Cthulhu

Publisher: Pegasus Press

Product Code: PGUWOC02, PP00276

Publishing Year: February 2005

Pages: 130

Cover Price: $17.95

Chief Editor: Keith Herber

Editor: Adam Crossingham

Publishing Director: Frank Heller

Associate Editors: Daniel Harms and William Jones

Authors: Anne Abelein, Adam Crossingham, Samar Ertsey, Adam Scott Glancy, Joachim Hagen, Florian Hardt, Steven Marc Harris, Daniel Harms, Frank Heller, Steven Kaye, Christopher Maser, Mike Mearls, Andres Melhorn, Matthias Oden, Tina Wessel

Artists: Koen Goorickx, David Lee Ingersoll, François Launet, Natalie Sandells, Taschira

Maps: Allyn Bowker, David Conyers, Kostja Kleye, Björn Lensig, Chris Schlicht

Handouts: Adam Crossingham, Kostja Kleye, Chris Schlicht

Character Sheets: Patrick Murphy

Comic Strip: François Launet

Translators: Robert Maier, Calum McDonald, Alexandra Velten, Han-Christian Vortisch, Bill Walsh

Cover Artist: François Launet

Cover Conception & Design: Manfred Escher

Graphic Design: Manfred Escher

Layout: Adam Crossingham

Proofreading: Wood Ingham

d20 Conversionist: Ken Finlayson

Setting(s): 1890s, 1920s, Modern, Delta Green, Dark Ages, Other

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: The Hunt for Kid Richter (Wild West), The Singer from Dhol (1920s), Super 8 (Modern), The Icarus Project (Far Future)


Additional: Editorial, Wild West Cthulhu character sheet, Unspeakable Vault (of Doom)

Front Cover Text

Pegasus Press -- February 2005 -- Issue #2 ISBN 3-937826-24-4 -- PGUWOC02 -- PP00276

H.P. Lovecraft's Worlds of Cthulhu. The Magazine for Call of Cthulhu.

Issue 2

Super 8 Delve into the bowels of New York's sex industry

The Icarus Project Discover the Truth at the Center of the Universe

Dark Ages: Averoigne Mapping Clark Ashton Smith's phantastic region

The Singer from Dhol A classic-era scenario in the Maine islands

In the Grip of Madness Role-playing the consequences of a Mythos encounter too many

The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Insane The Old West meets the Great Old Ones Includes introductory scenario "The Hunt for Kid Richter"

Also In This Issue: Cthulhu d20, Professionally Speaking: the Flapper, Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) ... and so much more.

Back Cover Text

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Thanks to: Lorraine Crossingham


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