The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island

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Front Cover

Publisher: Grenadier Models Inc.

Product Code: 701

Publishing Year: 1984

Pages: 48

Cover Price: $12.00

Author: Gary Pilkington

Artists: Martin Kealey & Flint Henry

Setting: 1920s

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island (scenario), The House in the Woods

Front Cover Text

A Call of Cthulhu Adventure Module. The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island. Approved for use with Call of Cthulhu by permission of Arkham House.

Back Cover Text

The disappearance of a young girl leads a group of investigators to a small island off the coast of Maine. The people who live there seem so strange and secretive. Why do they hate "outsiders'? What could they be hiding? The investigators will soon come to face with the Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island!

Comments / Trivia

  • The title page gives special thanks to Scott Slingsby, Carol Slingsby and "Zippy the Wonder Porpoise"


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