The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Insane

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Pages: 17

Author(s): Frank Heller, Bill Walsh (translator)

Artist(s): Artists listed with credits for magazine issue.

Setting: Wild West, Weird West

Appears in: Worlds of Cthulhu, Issue 02.



Sub-titled "Call of Cthulhu in the Wild West", this article provides details on running Call of Cthulhu adventures in a cinematic "Wild West" setting.

The article includes some advice on which supplements for the "Deadlands" RPG are best suited to conversion to CoC-style of play.

The following rules are presented for running Wild West Cthulhu games:

  • A selection of new skills
  • Combat rules covering quick draw, fanning, shooting from horseback, shooting two guns, and black powder weapons
  • Rules for running firefights in a more cinematic Wild-West style
  • Statistics for a selection of period firearms and melee weapons
  • The concept of character "Backgrounds" are introduced as a form of skill and statistic modifier packages. Seven backgrounds are presented.
  • A wide variety of Western occupations are offered, 40 in all
  • New insanity rules are presented in a section titled "Goin' Plum Loco"
  • A two-page character sheet is included