The Dreaming Stone (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2368

Publishing Year: 1997

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $11.95

Author(s): Kevin Ross, Chris Williams (Gazetteer text)

Artist(s): John T. Snyder, Jason Eckhardt (thumbnails), Earl Geier, Drashi Khendup (maps)

Setting(s): Dreamlands, 1920s (briefly)

Format(s): Softcover

ISBN: 1-568821-01-8


This book contains the first -- and so far only -- Dreamlands campaign published by Chaosium.

The adventure comprises:

Note that apart from the first and last scenario in this book (both short, only around 3 pages each) this campaign is entirely set in the Dreamlands.

Campaigns: Together the seven adventures in this book make up the The Dreaming Stone (Campaign)

Scenarios: The Dream-Trap, Pursuit of a Dreamer, Beyond the Forbidden Lands, Sailing to the Moon, The Mansion on the Moon, Terra Firma Fabulosus Once More, The Crawling Chaos (Scenario)

Also includes an advertisement for Chaosium's line of Call of Cthulhu roleplaying and fiction supplements.

Also includes an advertisement for Chaosium's Dreamlands collectible card game.

Front Cover Text

No additional text.

Back Cover Text

Nyarlathotep. The Crawling Chaos. Messenger of the Outer Gods. He has a thousand masks and a thousand schemes, and one of them begins here. When Byron Humphrey found the Dreaming Stone in the tomb of an Incan priest, he could not have imagined that it would embroil him in the plots of Nyarlathotep. Now, he and the investigators must fight not only for their lives, but for their very souls.

The Dreaming Stone is set primarily in H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands. There, the investigators will travel through many realms of wonders. The Temple of Lovelieness at Kiran, the Jungle of Kled, the Great Library of the Dreamlands, the desolate Forbidden Lands, and the Far Side of the Moon are just a few of the stops in this epic campaign. Will the investigators be able to halt Nyarlathotep's plan before it is too late?

Comments / Trivia

Dedication: "This Book is for Mark & Penny: Valiant investigators, proud dreamers, good friends. Cheers!". Presumbly this refers to Mark Morrison and Penelope Love (?)

This is the the only Dreamlands-exclusive campaign that has been published to date.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

This campaign visits many different locations in the Dreamlands:

  • The Cavern of Flame,
  • The Enchanted Wood,
  • The Temple of Kiran,
  • The Jungle of Kled,
  • Hlanith,
  • Celephaïs,
  • The Southern Sea,
  • Sea Between Worlds,
  • The Moon,
  • Dylath-Leen,
  • Ulthar,
  • Nir,
  • Kiran

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