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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2375

Publishing Year: 1998

Pages: 112

Cover Price: $19.95

Primary Author: Scott David Aniolowski

Additional Creatures & Deities: Marion Anderson, Phil Anderson, Bill Barton, Fred Behrendt, John Carnahand, Larry DiTillo, Clifton Ganyard, Geoff Gillan, Sheldon Gillett, Ed Gore, Steve Hatherley, Keith Herber, Kevin W. Jacklin, J. Todd Kingrea, Doug Lyons, Randy McCall, Kurt Miller, Sandy Petersen, Kevin A. Ross, Gary Sumpter, Michael Szymanski, G. W. Thomas, Lynn Willis

The Journals of Sir Hansen Poplan: Shannon Appel

Cover Painting: Lee Gibbons

Section Illustrations: Paul Carrick

Monster Illustrations: Earl Geier and Rodell Sanford

Project, Editorial: Shannon Appel

Design, Layout: Shannon Appel

Additional editorial, copyreading: Lynn Willis and David Mitchell

Format(s): Softcover



Creatures of the Mythos

Deities of the Mythos


Front Cover Text

A Core Game Book for Keepers.

Back Cover Text

We are not alone. The universe teems with life. We name them Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Great Old Ones, Avatars, Sevitor[sic] Races, Independent Races, and they are all either malevolent or uncaring.

This monstrous collection is a compendium of creatures, drawn together from fiction spanning over seventy years and from over ten years of Call of Cthulhu scenarios. Learn the secrets of the monsters of the mythos.

Parts of this book were originally published as Ye Booke of Monstres I and Ye Booke of Monstres II.

Comments / Trivia

Dedication: This volume is dedicated to Fred Behrendt and Gary Sumpter, two fellow explorers of the Dark. Any casual observer seeing the three of us as we drove back from NecronomiCon 3rd Editition last summer would surely have thought us insane! "Right! Get my truncheon!"


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