The Borderlands (2013 film)

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The Borderlands, AKA Final Prayer (2013 film)


Vatican investigators are sent to the British West Country to investigate paranormal activity, and they find the events are more disturbing than they first imagined.


  • Release Date: 2013
  • Country/Language: UK, English
  • Genres/Technical: Horror, Mystery, Found Footage
  • Setting: Modern UK
  • Runtime: 1 hr 29 min
  • Starring: Gordon Kennedy, Robin Hill, Aidan McArdle
  • Director: Elliot Goldner
  • Writer: Elliot Goldner
  • Producer/Production Co: Metrodome Distribution
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MPAA Ratings

  • Rated: R (Violence, Profanity)

Tentacle Ratings

A rough measure of how "Lovecraftian" the work is:

  • SS___ (Two Tentacles: Barely Lovecraftian; could be a very loose adaptation)

Not exactly a "Lovecraftian" film in the sense of being based on any of Lovecraft's work or containing references to his creations, though some viewers may find the location and atmosphere suggestive of Lovecraft's work (an "Eldritch Location" film); the addition of cultists and Gothic buried secrets, plus a more linear plot than usual for this sort of thing, push this a little further into Lovecraft's subgenre of horror than many such films.

Note: This rating is not intended as a measure of quality, merely of how closely related to Lovecraftian "Weird" fiction the work is.


Review Links:

  • Jonathan Hatfull at ScifiNow, (link) - "Atmospheric British horror The Borderlands reminds us how effective found-footage can be..."


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

Vatican investigators are sent to the British West Country to investigate paranormal activity, and they find the events in the church and the hostile village are more disturbing than they first imagined. The investigation leads the team into a hidden crypt beneath the church, with evidence from primitive drawings etched on the walls, along with the contents of a former priest's diary, that the tunnels were once used as a pagan temple for human sacrifice to a nameless, eldritch horror, and that priests in the Christian era had resumed worship of the horror, complete with the sacrifice of infants gathered from a local orphanage. The investigators are tricked into investigating a particularly narrow, claustrophobic, damp, and foul-smelling passage attached to the sacrificial chamber, the entrances suddenly closing off around the investigators while the passage itself moves and oozes digestive fluids....


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