Servant of Glaaki

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The Servants of Gla’aki are from Ramsey Campbell's "The Inhabitant of the Lake".


A hand came scrabbling up out to lever it up! ...The hand of a corpse—bloodless and skeletal, and with impossibly long, cracked nails.
Ramsey Campbell, "The Inhabitant of the Lake"

By driving one of his spines into a victim and injecting a special fluid, Glaaki can turn the unfortunate into an undead slave; however, if the spine is broken off before the fluid is injected, the victim dies anyway but is at least spared the fate of becoming Glaaki's slave. The injected fluid produces growths throughout the victim's body that allow Glaaki to manipulate the subject's corpse.

Many people come to serve Glaaki willingly, in exchange for the promise of eternal life. What they don't realise is that he makes good on his promise by driving his spines into them, turning them into undead slaves.

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