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Front cover

Translated Title: High-society Sabbaths

Pages: 17

Author: Thomas Berthier

Artist: Vintage photographs

Editor(s): Christian Grussi

Setting: 1930s, Lyon, France

Appears in: Les mystères de Lyon

Campaign: Noces lyonnaises


The trail of the lost book l'Elucidaire leads the investigators to the Mopses, a secret society that has recently increased its public profile as a social club for the Lyonnais elite. They must infiltrate the group's higher ranks to determine if they are part of the broader conspiracy surrounding the lost writings.


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Suspecting the members of a secret society called the Mopses may have stolen part of l'Elucidaire, the investigators attend one of the group's public balls and rub elbows with Lyon's blue bloods. Their inquiries reveal higher levels of initiation within the group, which the investigators must either be accepted into or find people willing to talk about. They eventually discover that the Mopses partake in dark rites in the woods, "Sabbaths" devoted to the Horned Man, an avatar of Nyarlathotep. The investigators must interrupt the next sabbath to prevent an innocent child from being sacrificed, to recover the lost portion of the book they are after, and to dismantle the cult once and for all. They find that this portion of l'Elucidaire contains instructions for rituals devoted to Shub-Niggurath that require participation by a newlywed couple.


Player Handouts:

  • Excerpt from L'Histoire pittoresque de la franc-maçonnerie et des sociétés secrètes anciennes et modernes [The picturesque history of Freemasonry and ancient and modern secret societies] by F.-T. Bègue-Claval
  • Excerpt from L'Histoire de la magie [The history of magic] by Éliphas Lévi
  • "Un nouveau club ouvre ses portes à Lyon" [A New Club Opens Its Doors in Lyon], newspaper article in the Lyon Républicain by Marcel Renard
  • Text of "Le serment des Compagnons" [The Oath of the Companions]
  • Letter from Robert Duval
  • "Découverte macabre à Polymieux" [Macabre Discovery at Poleymieux], newspaper article
  • Testimony by Catherine Thévenet
  • l'Elucidaire, part 3



Spells and rituals:

Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: Noces lyonnaises


Keeper Comments

If the investigators have stopped the Ophites already in "Ouroboros," they have become local celebrities in Lyon. Aware that they took down a rival cult, the Mopses never admit them beyond the first rank of the organization. However, gaining the trust of former Mopses is easier, as is convincing Inspector Vernet to help them out.