Revenge of the Hei People

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Pages: 12

Author(s): Nick Davison

Artist(s): (none)

Setting: Modern 2000s Chatham, South East England, Halloween 2007

Appears in: Bride of Halloween Horror

Campaign: (none)


The investigators are the cast and crew of a movie being made in the nearby Dockyard who are visiting Fort Amherst for a Halloween Horrors event. Unfortunately they have the bad luck to be in the fortress when a couple of local vandals break into the fort and trigger a night of bloodshed and horror....


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)

The investigators are the cast and crew of a movie being made in the nearby Dockyard who are visiting Fort Amherst for a Halloween Horrors event. Unfortunately they have the bad luck to be in the fortress when a couple of local yobs break into the fort and vandalise a scarecrow triggering a bloody revenge by the Scarecrow King. The investigators are the only ones who can stop the carnage, and afterward survivors can choose to investigate why this happened and the origins of the Scarecrow King.


Player Handouts:

  • Six Pre-Gen Player-Characters
  • IMDB-style Web Bios for Bambi and Lee
  • Six appendices to the scenario concerning historical elements/details
  • A page full of one- or two-line clues with suggested reactions


  • Chatham
    • Chatham Police Station
    • Chatham Historic Dockyard
    • Deck of the Grand Turk, a Napoleonic-era ship in Chatham Historic Dockyard
    • Fort Amherst in Chatham
    • Halloween Horrors show at Fort Amherst (a kind of "haunted house" attraction)
  • Medway near Kent, England
    • Medway local Newspaper Offices
    • Baggins Bookstore (used books)
    • Medway Maritime Hospital
    • Medway Council
  • Archives & Local Studies Center in Strood
  • London (St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell, London)


  • Hei People Scarecrows
  • Scarecrow Minions (Pointy-, Pumpkin-, and Sack-headed)
  • Scarecrow King (AKA Circlemaster or Jack O'Lantern)
  • Chavs (vandals)

Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Rural Folklore of the British Isles by JRM Spofforth (doesn't seem to be anything more than a typical book of local folklore)
  • 13th Century Latin Document (seems to be little more than a historical document describing unidentified problems and some mundane instructions for dealing with them)
  • Unidentified sources of information touching on the supernatural and the Mythos at the Museum & Library of the Order of St. John

Campaigns / Scenarios: (none, exactly, though a couple of the pre-gens and/or NPCs are apparently veterans of the unpublished scenario "Iceberg".)


Dedication: "Thanks to: Sandy Petersen for running the original 'Iceberg' scenario in which Bambi and Lee first appeared during Tentacles 2005. The Maidstone Archers: Gemma Davison, Jamie ‘Trotsky’ Revell, David Gordon, Mik Reed, Mel Reed and Kai Reed. My second group of playtesters at Tentacles 2008 including Roy Ashworth and Mike Cope. Finally to Mike Mason and Gemma for coming up with the two lead characters and playing them so entertainingly."

Trivia: The "Hei People" referenced in the scenario are a real "thing": some sort of "scarecrow" art exhibit involving hundreds of scarecrows set up by a Finnish artist in SE England. Video and an explanation can be found here: (link)

Keeper Comments

Comments to Keepers about this scenario; Possibly how to run it successfully. Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.

Setting: Halloween 2007, in South east England. The scenario would probably work on any modern Halloween date. The locations seem fairly specific to Medway and Chatham in England, and the scenario might lose a little local color by moving it elsewhere, but there's really not much of a reason why the essential elements of the scenario couldn't be set elswhere in England or, far more easily, somewhere in North America (e.g., Lovecraft Country).

Special Notes: There's a reference or two to an "Appendice 7" which does not seem to have been included in the published product; this was presumably a map; keepers who feel they need such a map will probably need to invent on of their own. The scenario seems to be intended to be played for at least the occasional laughs, and keepers may prefer to run this scenario in something of the same spirit of parodic horror/comedy films like Sean of the Dead. This scenario is basically a variation on the "it's Halloween night, anniversary of something awful in Creepsville, and the Scooby Gang happens to be passing through when zombies/scarecrows/killer-clowns/drowned-leper-colonists/whatever rise from the grave in vengeance... our heroes must survive the carnage and figure out how to make it stop by morning..." theme that can be seen in one form or another in most of the other "Halloween Horror" monographs; the plot is fairly simple and basic modifications to it could be improvised fairly easily if you've seen this kind of story often enough (it's essentially the plot of John Carpenter's The Fog (1980), and almost certainly wasn't new then). This particular scenario seems to take the odd approach of the investigators being assumed to be movie actors on a set and provides Pre-Gen actor characters, but there seems to be no reason why any group of people interested in visiting a Halloween "haunted house" attraction couldn't work just as well. Then again, a keeper with the right sense of humor might choose to have the actor pre-gens on site to film a cheesy remake of The Fog (1980 film), rather than the Napoleonic zombie film they seem to be making in the scenario as-written - in fact, this alteration seems like it would fit right in with the pre-gen characters' acting careers in the amusing background information provided in the scenario....

Dependence on Halloween: Moderate. Halloween is the reason there's a themed tourist attraction at the fort with costumed amateur actors pretending to be scarecrows, vampire hunters, killer clowns, pirates, and other schlocky horror characters, while drunk soldiers and vandal chavs are sneaking around stirring up scarecrow trouble. It would be tough to separate the scenario from Halloween and still have the setup make sense, but the scenario doesn't rely very heavily on Halloween after getting the investigators roped into seeing the exhibits at the "haunted" fort, and the scenario doesn't really demand any Halloween "buy in" beyond the minimal needed to accept that there's a "Halloween Horrors" event full of people dressed up in spooky costumes trying to scare audiences, and it's normal for the investigators to visit this tourist attraction for fun.

Sequel Plot Hooks: Survivors can choose to investigate why this happened, and the origins of the Scarecrow King. The pre-gen actors and crew seem almost destined to appear in future z-grade film disasters.