Rêve d’opium

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Front cover

Translated Title: The opium dream


  • (6th ed.) 54 (30 for part 1, 24 for part 2)
  • (7th ed.) 49

Author: Samuel Tarapacki


  • (6th ed.) Vintage photographs and paintings
  • (7th ed.) Vintage photographs and paintings, Loïc Muzy


Setting: Syria, 1930s

Appears in:

Campaign: Les 5 supplices


A mysterious group recruits the investigators to stop a Syrian wizard from summoning an ancient Babylonian demon.

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The scenario has two parts. In the first, a group called the Foundation tasks the investigators with stopping a Syrian wizard named Tarlik Kemral from summoning an ancient Babylonian demon to help him cast off the colonial yoke. During their searches, one investigator falls prey to an ancient curse and begins transforming into a nightmarish creature. Meanwhile, Kemral thrusts the investigators into an alternate realm known as the Opium Dream.

In the second part, the investigators travel to Syria to stop Kemral once and for all. They befriend nomadic Bedouins, but they fall into Kemral's trap, allowing him to discover the tomb of the demon he seeks deep in the desert. Left for dead, the investigators are saved by the desert tribes, and thousands of camel riders escort them to a final confrontation with the sorcerer in the Opium Dream. When the plagued investigator sees that this, too, is trap, the investigators must warn the Bedouins to call off their assault.


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