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The Petesouchi (AKA "Crocodile Men", "Crocodile People") are from Marion Anderson, The Cairo Guidebook.


Petesouchi from the 1959 'B' movie Alligator People

Not all undergo the change; some remain entirely human. Others are only partly changed, having slightly scaly skin, elongated teeth, or webbed and clawed fingers.... Their final mature form is that of an enormous crocodile with human intelligence.
— Marion Anderson, The Cairo Guidebook

Petesouchi, also known as Crocodile Men, have a life cycle comparable to Deep Ones: they are partly human, and partly crocodile due to their ancestry as spawn of their god, Sebek, whom they serve, beginning their lives until adolescence looking human, before becoming increasingly bestial, some looking more or less human than others with some able to disguise themselves as ordinary human beings, others looking quite monstrous, with scaly hairless skin, webbed fingers, wide jaws full of sharp teeth, and reptilian eyes, and still others taking the form of gigantic crocodiles with human intelligence.

Many Petesouchi, left to themselves, quickly become outcasts among humans and crocodiles alike, being too human for the animal world, and too alien for human companionship, and they quickly withdraw from society at the onset of puberty to become killers and cultists, delighting in destruction and murder such as overturning boats to drag screaming human prey under the water to devour. Those Petesouchi who enjoy the support of a cult of Sebek are encouraged to marry young and bear children before withdrawing to serve the cult, who return to recruit the children when they are old enough to make the transition.

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