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Cthulhu Companion


  • (1-6th Ed.) 3
  • (7th Ed.) 10

Author(s): John Sullivan (7th Edition revision by Mike Mason)


Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Cthulhu Companion, Call of Cthulhu Starter Set


The investigator is called in by Thomas Kimball after a burglary. He would like them to track down his vanished uncle's stolen books, and to try and establish whether his uncle is still alive.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Kimball, a misanthrope and keen reader, encountered a ghoul a year ago and was gradually drawn into their society. He has become a ghoul himself, but eventually returned to retrieve some more of his beloved books. The single Investigator is able to track him down to the graveyard, and even speak to the transformed Kimball. What they do with their discovery is left to the player.


Player Handouts: 1-6th Ed., None;

  • 7th Ed.:
    • Illustration: "Douglas Kimball enjoying a book"
    • Illustration: "Douglas Kimball, now part ghoul"
    • Illustration: "Investigating the Graveyard"
    • Map: Douglas' World
    • Illustration: "A Ghoul"
    • Illustration: "Douglas Kimball steals his books back"
    • Illustration: "Melodias Jefferson"
  • No handouts for the following; keepers may wish to create these:
    • Library Research (this simply directs investigators to the Newspaper)
    • Newspaper Information (this is just a short sentence of information)
    • Douglas' Journal (the essential information is sketched out in flavor text)


  • Arnoldsburg, Michigan
    • Arnoldsburg Advertiser, Editor Artie Malloy
    • Arnoldsburg Library
    • Arnoldsburg Police Station, prisoner Jake "Six Fingers" Thompson, unnamed desk sergeant
    • Kimball's House, resident Thomas Kimball
    • Cemetary, caretaker Melodias Jefferson, resident Douglas Kimball
    • Neighborhood, neighbors Mrs. Lila O'Dell, Mrs. Hilda Ward

Creatures: Ghoul

Tomes and Artifacts: None

Campaigns / Scenarios: None


Keeper Comments

  • For: 1 to 2 players, plus Keeper. Approximate playtime: one session.

The scenario is suitable as an introduction for a new player, with a straightforward investigation and limited Mythos content. As written, there is no need for any violence, though the player can easily take things that way if they wish (it's not a good idea). The general skill mechanics should be covered well, and there's a small amount of Sanity loss and Cthulhu Mythos gain.

It may be somewhat misleading as an introduction to the style of the game, as Mythos entities are typically more malevolent and not inclined towards harmless moonlit chats.

There is no reason the game cannot be run for multiple investigators. It could be a useful prelude scenario, giving the investigators some Mythos background and a reason to dabble in weirdness.

The scenario can easily be relocated anywhere in the world. It has no particular ties to Michigan.