Marcus L. Rowland

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An RPG author and Game designer, who originally worked for Games Workshop in the United Kingdom.

Link to Yog-Radio interview at Dragonmeet 2005.

Written scenarios include:

Trail of the Loathsome Slime, (1985).

Nightmare in Norway, (1985).

Draw the Blinds on Yesterday, in White Dwarf, Issue 63 (1985).

A Nice Night for Screaming , in Imagine, Issue 28 (1985).

The Surrey Enigma, in White Dwarf, Issue 69 (1985)

Fear of Flying, published in White Dwarf, Issue 72 (1985), and then revised for publication in Fearful Passages (1992).

Underground, in The Good Games Guide, Issue 01 (1985-86).

Curse of the Bone, in White Dwarf, Issue 86 (1987).

The Paddington Horror, in White Dwarf, Issue 88 (1987).

Bad Moon Rising, in The Great Old Ones (1989).

Dark Side of the Force, published in Skeleton Crew, December 1990 and republished in Challenge, Issue 62 (1990/1992).

Honeymoon in Hell, in Blood Brothers (1990).

El Tigre y la Pirámede de Destrucción, in Blood Brothers 2 (1992).