Les Pirates de Serpent Jaune

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Front cover

Translated Title: The Yellow Serpent Pirates

Pages: 18

Author: Samuel Tarapacki

Artist: Vintage photographs, Loïc Muzy

Editor(s): Christophe Ployon, Isabelle Donné

Setting: September 1931, Manchuria, China

Appears in: Les 5 supplices, Livret 5

Campaign: Les 5 supplices


The investigators flee the Japanese invasion of Manchuria by joining a pirate fleet. However, en route to an island of plague victims, they uncover several unusual secrets.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
To escape the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, the investigators secure passage to Zaoshou, the Island of Suffering, with the Yellow Serpent Fleet, a group of pirates who smuggle opium to the island. Among the pirates' prisoners is the Japanese war criminal Tsatoba, whom they intend to turn over to the Shen De (Deep Ones), but the man still has Hu Feng's burner. The shade of Guang Ying leads the investigators to the Portal of Shadows, where they realize that the sorcerer Says Fong Lee has fled to find the Necronomicon. However, just as they are making progress versus the sorcerer, the pirates fleet reaches Zoashou amidst a Japanese naval exercise.

Player Handouts

  • Les nouvelles divinations (new divinations)


Creatures & Entities:

  • L'Esprit affamé (hungry ghost)
  • L'ombre combative (shadow creature)
  • Shen De (Deep Ones)


  • l'Océan Noir (the Black Ocean)
  • les Pirates de Serpent Jaune (the Yellow Serpent Pirates)

Tomes & Artifacts:

  • Brûloir de Hu Feng (Burner of Hu Feng)
  • Necronomicon
  • le Portail des Ombres (the Portal of Shadows)

Campaigns / Scenarios: Les 5 supplices


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