Les écrits perdus de Simon de Phares

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Front cover

Translated Title: The lost writings of Simon de Phares

Pages: 9

Author: Thomas Berthier

Artist: Vintage photographs

Editor(s): Christian Grussi

Setting: 1930s, Lyon, France

Appears in: Les mystères de Lyon

Campaign: Noces lyonnaises


The investigators must find out why a respected historian has suddenly disappeared when, only days before, he promised to reveal lost fifteenth-century writings he had rediscovered. Their inquiries lead them into Lyonnais high society and point toward a conspiracy aimed at harnessing forgotten secrets.


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The investigators are invitees or assistants to historian André Morin at a conference where he will announce what he has discovered regarding once-lost writings of the fifteenth-century astrologer Simon de Phares. However, Morin instead announces that the lost writings never existed, after which he disappears. Urged to look into the disappearance by Morin's assistant, the investigators find that he gained access to the writings from a wealthy Lyonnais named Jean Cabrillon. Cabrillon notes that the texts are now missing, leading him to worry that they may fall into the hands of cultists bent on using the forbidden knowledge within against his family. Researching occult Lyon leads the investigators to two suspect groups, the Ophites and the Mopses.


Player Handouts:

  • Invitation to André Morin's conference
  • l'Elucidaire: Extract from prologue
  • Extract from André Morin's journal
  • Newspaper article: "L'enfant prodige" [Child Prodigy]
  • Chercons l'Hérétique! [Let's find the heretic!]: Extract on cults of Lyon



Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: Noces lyonnaises


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