L'Atlante di Lovecraft

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Front cover

Publisher: Stratelibri

Translated Title: The Lovecraft Atlas

Product Code: 1004

Publishing Year: 1995

Pages: 64

Cover Price: ?

Author(s): Gottardo Zancani

Artist(s): Marco De Maria, Paolo Parente, Filippo Zanicotti

Setting(s): ?

Format(s): Softcover




Front Cover Text

Back Cover Text

Arkham, L'isola di Pasqua, R'lyeh, Babilonia.. Luoghi misteriosi, fedeli guardiani di antichi quanto inestimabili tesori, custodi di un sapere ormai perduto

English translation

Arkham, Easter Island, R'lyeh, Babylon .. Mysterious Places, faithful guardians of ancient and priceless treasures, guardians of knowledge now lost

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