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Front Cover

Publisher: Golden Goblin Press

Product Code: GGP1907

Publishing Year: 2019

Page Count: 70

Cover Price: $35.00 (softcover), $15.00 (PDF)

Editors: Lisa Padol

Authors: Oscar Rios, William Adcock, Charles Gerard, Jeffrey Moeller

Artists: Alberto Guerra, Reuben Dodd, Gregory Shipp

Setting: Invictus

Format: Softcover, PDF


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Front Cover Text

No Faith in Appearances

Back Cover Text

The Empire has been at peace for many years—the borders stable, and its people secure. But things are not as they seem. Every day a war rages, hidden from common view, fought by the brave defenders of humanity against the otherworldly powers of the Cthulhu Mythos. These heroes and heroines of the Shadow War stand ever vigilant, watchful for any sign that their sinister enemies might reveal themselves. Things may seem normal to most people, but some know better. They have learned through blood and terror and loss that things are usually far worse than they seem. Their survival means placing No Faith in Appearances.

This collection of six adventures for 7th Edition Cthulhu Invictus includes:

  • The Clockwork Oracle by Oscar Rios - A messy family dispute in Greece leads the investigators to a mysterious device, said to tell the future, and its sinister creators.
  • Goddess of the White Apes by Jeffrey Moeller - The sequel to The Vetting of Marius Asina, but playable on its own. Decades after the disaster in Massilia, something re-emerges with a thirst for revenge and dreams of a new Oparian Empire.
  • Following Seas by Charles Gerard - The investigators face mystery and terror at sea, on board the cargo ship Minverva, and soon find themselves fighting for their lives.
  • Manumission by Oscar Rios - The investigators are tasked with finding and freeing a young boy who has been sold into slavery, and his trail leads straight into a mystery of power and death.
  • The Dragon of Cambria by William Adcock - The investigators are sent to Britannia to find out if the rumors of a rampaging dragon are true, and if they are, to put a stop to the beast.
  • The Blood Sword of Emeric by Oscar Rios - The investigators are dispatched to find a lost patrol north of the Rhine, which was hunting a German warlord rumored to wield a magic sword.

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