Devil's Swamp

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Front Cover

Publisher: New Comet Games

Publishing Year: 2018

Page Count: 192

Cover Price: $64.00 (leather collector's edition), $40.00 (hardcover), $24.00 (softcover)

Editors: Alex Burns

Authors: Ben Burns, Christopher Smith Adair, Brian Courtemanche, Jonathan Bagelman

Artists: Evgeni Maloshenkov, Lucas Puryear, Elizabeth Bakowski, Bryan G. McWhirter

Setting: 1920s

Format: Hardcover, Softcover



Front Cover Text

Encountering Ancient Terrors in the Hockomock

Back Cover Text

Devil's Swamp is a Call of Cthulhu adventure book for the classic 1920s era. The book contains a series of eight adventures set in the Hockomock swamp in Massachusetts to be used with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu RPG. Join in the investigations of the phenomenon that are plaguing the area. Strange beasts, new mythos, alien technology, and plot twists await to drive any unwary investigator insane. Fine out why the Hockomock earned its reputation as the place where spirits dwell.

Comments / Trivia

  • Won the NTRPG Con Three-Castles Award for 'Best RPG Design'


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