The Fungi from Yuggoth (Supplement)

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1st Edition Front Cover
Revised Edition Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2305

Publishing Year: 1984

Pages: 76

Cover Price:

Author: Keith Herber

Artist: Chris Marrinan

Editor: Sandy Petersen

Typesetting, Layout, and Scenario Map Renditions: Tadashi Ehara

Important voices from other times: Lee Estes, Lizbeth Estes, David Legg, Sandi Legg, and Ron B. Wilder

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 0-933635-08-7

Revised Edition (= "Day Of The Beast")

Product Code: 2374

Publishing Year: 1998

Pages: 128

Cover Price: $19.95

Author(s): Keith Herber, Lucya Szachnowski, Gary O'Connell, Sam Johnson, Kevin A, Ross, Shannon Appel

Artist(s): Chris Marrinan (front cover), Nick Smith (back cover), M. Wayne Miller, Tadashi Ehara, Shannon Appel (maps)

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 1-56882-125-5

Setting: 1920s


The Brotherhood of the Beast campaign has been published by Chaosium on four occasions. The first publication was "The Fungi from Yuggoth" in 1984. This was reprinted in 1987 -- the latter has a slightly different cover, with a thin black bar across the top. The campaign was then reprinted in the anthology Curse of Cthulhu, where it made up the largest section of that book. This reprint did not substantially change the campaign's contents. This version is referred to here as the "1st Edition".

The 1st Edition comprises the following material:

The campaign was thoroughly revised in 1998 and printed under the name "Day Of The Beast" (referred to here as the "Revised Edition"). This version adds three scenarios to the beginning sections of the campaign, moves the Halls of Celaeno optional scene into the main body of the text, and omits the Voice Out of Time optional scene.

The order of presentation for the Revised Edition is:

  • Introduction

PART ONE - Forbodings of Doom

PART TWO - Dreams of Nophru-Ka

PART THREE - Day of the Beast

PART FOUR - Appendix of the Beast

  • Handouts
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Campaigns: The Brotherhood of the Beast

Scenarios: Suffer Little Children (Revised Edition only), Black Hills - Blackest Secrets (Revised Edition only), The Dreamer, London Calling (Revised Edition only), The Thing in the Well, Castle Dark, Sands of Time, Mountains of the Moon, By the Bay: Part I, By the Bay: Part II, Day of the Beast, Halls of Celaeno, Voice Out of Time (1st Edition only)

Additional: Player Handouts

1st Edition Front Cover Text

Desperate Adventures Against the Brotherhood

1st Edition Back Cover Text

Schemes of the Mi-Go

Internationally-famous psychic, Paul LeMond, has disappeared. From the moment your investigators find him, they will be plunged into the black secrets of the sinister Brotherhood of the Beast and its inhuman masters. The investigators must traverse the globe in an effort to track down the manifestations of the Brotherhood and to find when the Day of the Beast is planned. The investigators will visit four continents and possibly an alien planet in search of occult mysteries, madness, and grisly death.

This book contains a complete campaign in eight chapters for Call of Cthulhu.

For Keepers Only

"Day Of The Beast" Revised Edition Front Cover Text

A Reprint of the Classic Fungi From Yuggoth Campaign, Expanded with Three New Adventures

"Day Of The Beast" Revised Edition Back Cover Text

Day Of The Beast

The year is 1927. For America it is a time of growth and prosperity. Lon Chaney, Babe Ruth, and Charlie Chan are celebrities, while the average young American enjoys speakeasies, jazz, and the new "talkies." All that is about to change. A young psychic by the name of Paul LeMond has seen the future, and it is a sight which has driven him insane.

Day of the Beast is an episodic campaign taking investigators from the height of 1927 to the edge of the Great Depression in 1929. A global conspiracy has surfaced, and only the investigators can stop it. Travel to four continents and the planet of Celaeno is required. Can the plans of the Brotherhood of the Beast be stopped before The Stars Are Right?

Day of the Beast was originally published as The Fungi from Yuggoth, and in that form also appeared as part of Curse of Cthulhu. Day of the Beast is a new edition of a classic campaign, thoroughly revised. It contains almost 50 pages of new material, including three totally new adventures.

<also includes an advertisement for Chaosium's line of Call of Cthulhu roleplaying supplements>

<also includes an advertisement for Chaosium's line of Call of Cthulhu fiction>

Comments / Trivia

The original working title for 'Fungi from Yuggoth' was 'Voices out of Time'.

Dedication: This work is dedicated to Clark Ashton Smith and Danté Helcimer.

Playtesters and other helpers: Chris Allen, Wilkie Collins III, Erik Herber, Sharon Herber, Laura Tyler, and Joyce Boyle and Bob Boyle at the Alcove

This campaign includes a reference to the mad monk Rasputin and the Cthulhu Mythos’ answer to the cause of the 1907 Siberian Explosion. The featured Pharaoh Nophru-Ka is believed to be a misspelling by Keith Herber of Lovecraft’s creation Nephren-Ka, although chronologies of the Mythos history show that these two Pharaohs lived at different periods of history.

First Cthulhu scenario to feature a giant, attacking robot.

Characters from this campaign, such as Bugsy Wexler, Rasputin and The Ghost That Walks also appeared in Spawn of Azathoth. Character of Lang Fu based on the Deathless Chinese mentioned in H. P. Lovecraft’s story "The Call of Cthulhu."

In the 1998 Revised Edition, a full-page picture of deformed Baron Hauptmann appears -- this same image was previously included (in color) in Curse of Cthulhu, but in that earlier publication it represented a victim of the spell Resurrection. Text in the scenario changed to reflect the use of this picture.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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