Cthulhu Live: The Ageless (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Skirmisher

Product Code: ?

Publishing Year: 2018

Pages: 10

Cover Price: $1.99

Author(s): William T. Thrasher and the Skirmisher Game Development Group

Artist(s): ?

Setting(s): ?

Format(s): PDF Only



Around this time every year, just as the leaves begun to change, Sir Arthur Westfield holds a grand salon at his manor of West End. The gathering always attracts a healthy mix of dilettantes, eccentrics, and academics. Often little more than a pretense for Westfield to show off his new acquisitions and oddities, it is also a chance for deals to be made. A renowned patron of the arts and sciences, many a man has worked long into the night, maneuvering the old man into some business arrangement or endowment. It remains to be seen what deals tonight may bring ...

“The Ageless” is a live-action role-playing game script designed for 10-15 participants and a medium-sized staff. It is stat'ed for the Gold bestselling Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition system but is rules light and so can easily be used with other LARPs or adapted for tabletop games like Call of Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Live is a live-action roleplaying game (LARP) version of the popular horror roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu, based on the works of horror author H. P. Lovecraft.

Scenarios: Cthulhu Live: The Ageless (Scenario)

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