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I've started this category beacuse I thought it might be interesting to make a few articles about the langauges used in the mythos. If any readers can think of more then I'd apreciate it if they could say so here (or make their own article!). I know there are some suspected languages such as Tcho Tcho and Deep One but I'm not sure about either of those - perphaps Deep One is an extremely currupted version of the R'lyeh Glyphs?

Allso if anyone was The Return to Dunwich source book could they please tell me a little about the schoolar who is studieing Hyperborean. I need the infor for the Tsath-Yo article.

Pnakotic and Yithian?

Are these two languages the same thing? Does Pnakotic refer to the Yithian hieroglyphs and Yithian to the spoken language?

That is rather confusing, The Keepers Companion calls the Elder Thing Cipher Pnakotic so I classed it here as such. If you think you should be changed to Yithian then I'll add another one for the Elder Things language.

I don't know, it just seems a little odd that the Elder Things would have a language that's associated with something about the Yithians. But if the book says so then I guess it's right.