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A popular pulp setting filled with strange creatures and bizarre locations located in vast caverns deep underground. See Hollow Earth for a more detailed description.

Geography of the Hollow Earth

Lovecraft's Hollow Earth setting, like most other versions, is assumed to be located on Earth. Lovecraft depicts his version of the Hollow Earth as a series of vast caverns that descend ever-further into the Earth's horror-filled core; in general, these caverns can be assumed to be in increasingly deeper "levels" one beneath the other, though some may approach nearer or further from the Earth's surface in various places, with entrances on the Earth's surface leading directly to the "lowest" levels in some places (for example, tunnels beneath the Polar City of the Old Ones seem to connect a little more directly to Yoth and N'Kai]] than another entrance beneath Oklahoma, which passes through K'n-yan and the Vaults of Zin first....)

Lovecraft's Dreamlands also border on the Hollow Earth in various locations, with the Dreamlands "Darklands" (Pathfinder RPG) collectively referred to as the Underworld.

Various other writers have created more or less Lovecraftian horror-filled Darklands of their own which Keepers might borrow on the assumption that they connect to - or are identical with - Lovecraft's.

Locations in the Hollow Earth:

The general structure of Lovecraft's terrestrial Hollow Earth seems to be: Blue-litten K'n-yan > Red-litten Yoth > Vaults of Zin > Black Abysses of N'kai

Mount Voormithadreth is located in Yoth, and Grey-Litten Y'quaa beneath that.

Midian is located near the surface, beyond the tunnels of the ghouls, bordering on the Dreamlands somewhere beyond the Vale of Pnath.

Bestiary of the Hollow Earth

Creatures of the Hollow Earth:

Tomes and Languages of the Hollow Earth