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"Two-Tentacle Media" - media that has been roughly rated 2/5 "tentacles" on a scale of how "Lovecraftian" it is.

Y.Whateley: "Some of my favorite 'Lovecraftian' film suggestions tend to fall in the 'Two-Tentacle Media' category: these tend to have some Weird elements, but are different enough to throw some unexpected surprises at me. Any film in this category that I've never seen before usually tends to be from so far off the beaten track that I never know quite what I'm getting out of it, and suggestions from this category to fans of 'Lovecraftian' films tend to happen rarely enough that they can take even seasoned veteran fans of the genre by surprise, often with a reaction of 'how is it possible that I've never heard of this film before?'"

Sometimes, these are VERY loose or even uncredited and thinly-veiled adaptations of Lovecraft stories. More often, though, these are original films that have a lot in common with Lovecraft's work, often being made by pulp or Weird fiction fans in conscious imitation of Weird fiction.

The number of tentacles is not an indication of quality - these are not necessarily bad films - generally, these films are often instead inspired by Lovecraftian or Weird fiction aesthetics enough (or use just enough Lovecraftian/Weird elements) that they will probably be of as much interest to Lovecraft fans (if not more) as many more faithful, direct adaptations.

It's not unusual for two-tentacle films to be more enjoyable for Lovecraft fans than faithful Lovecraft adaptations, as these tend to be original works written with film in mind, rather than being "attempts to film the unfilmable".

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