Brain from Planet Arous (1957 film)

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Scene from Brain from Planet Arous (1957 film)...


"The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!" Features themes of alien possession and world domination by a disembodied alien brain named Gor. Another alien mind, Vol, has been sent to Earth to capture and return Gor to their home world.


  • Release Date: 1957
  • Country/Language: US, English
  • Genres/Technical: Horror, Science-Fiction, black-and-white
  • Setting: 1950s USA
  • Runtime: 1 hr 11 min
  • Starring: John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller
  • Director: Nathan Juran (as Nathan Hertz)
  • Writer: Ray Buffum (screenplay)
  • Producer/Production Co: Marquette Productions Ltd.
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MPAA Ratings

  • Rated: approved (equivalent to a PG for Violence)

Tentacle Ratings

A rough measure of how "Lovecraftian" the work is:

  • S____ (One Tentacle: Debateably Lovecraftian; has almost no direct connection to Lovecraft's work)

Not very "Lovecraftian", though it does use some similar themes of disembodied alien minds possessing humans, which can be found in Lovecraft stories such as "Case of Charles Dexter Ward (fiction)" and "Shadow Out of Time (fiction)".

Note: This rating is not intended as a measure of quality, merely of how closely related to Lovecraftian "Weird" fiction the work is.


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Comments, Trivia, Dedication

Associated Mythos Elements

  • race: Brains from Planet Arous, disembodied alien minds capable of possessing Earth creatures (compare to Yithian)

Keeper Notes