Bayt al Azif, Issue 2

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Front Cover

Magazine: Bayt al Azif

Publisher: Bayt al Azif, Inc.

Product Code: BA02

Publishing Year: September 2019

Pages: 104

Cover Price: $15.00 softcover, $25.00 hardcover ($6.00 PDF)

Editor: Jared Smith

Authors: Ash DelVillan, Bridgett Jeffries, Dean Engelhardt, J. Eric Holmes, Evan Johnston, Jared Smith, Lisa Padol, Philipp Christophel, Ralf Sandfuchs, Stu Horvath, Zach Howard

Artists: Jensine Eckwall (Cover), Chris Holmes, Chris Schlicht, Edwin Gunn, Ellen Levy, Ernst Rausch, Evan Johnston, Greg Steele, Gustave David, Jason Lutes, Jason Smith, Kelly Bastow, Ludwig Lange, Matthew Hoddy, Tyler Landry

Format: Softcover, hardcover and PDF

ISBN: 978-1-940398-92-1




Additional: letters column, interviews, comics

Comments / Trivia

List dedication, trivia, images, anything else of note.


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