Arkham Sanitarium

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Front Cover
Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2366

Publishing Year: 1997

Pages: 24

Cover Price: $14.95

Author(s): Drashi Khendup, Eric Vogt

Artist(s): Drashi Khendup (cover), Eric Vogt

Setting(s): The forms in this book are intended for use in the 1920s

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: 1-56882-088-7


This item consists of a bound booklet containing a range of prop documents associated with Arkham Sanitarium and associated organisations

The following items included in the book are specific to the Arkham Sanatarium, and bear the logo of that establishment:

  • Medical prescription,
  • Inpatient Admission form,
  • Patient Psychological Profile form,
  • Ink Blots (3),
  • Patient Record,
  • Patient Transfer form,
  • Visitor Registration forms,
  • Invoice for services rendered by the Sanatarium,
  • Sanitarium Letterheads as used for official correspondence (two different letterheads),

A number of government documents are also included:

  • Massachusetts Certificate of Insanity,
  • Massachusetts Death Certificate,
  • Arkham court proceedings document,
  • Arkham police record

The book also includes some document props that aren't directly related to the Sanatarium, but to other peripheral organisations. Included in this category are:

  • Letterhead for G.R. Feldman, an Arkham dentist (gazeteer entry 118 in Arkham Unveiled),
  • Letterhead paper for The Larkin Institute, another Arkham-based psychiatric institution (gazeteer entry 902 in Arkham Unveiled),
  • Letterhead for Edwin Cassidy, Attorney at Law (gazeteer entry 118 in Arkham Unveiled),
  • Letterhead for Betrand Chambers, Attorney at Law (gazeteer entry 216 in Arkham Unveiled),
  • Letterhead for E.E. Saltonstall and Associates, Attorneys at Law (gazeteer entry 123 in Arkham Unveiled),
  • ten business cards (for Arkham Sanitarium and the other businesses mentioned in this book).

Front Cover Text


A set of player aids for use with Call of Cthulhu

Back Cover Text

The batle against the horrors of the myihos often leaves an investigator dead or insane. In either case, a paper trail has formed, one that can lead new, ignorant investigators into realms of unspeakable evil.

This supplement contains a large number of useful forms for use in a Call of Cthulhu game. Death certificates, insanity certificates, patient records, and even fingerprint forms are all included and may be used immediaiely. Also included is a Sanitarium prescription pad ideal for live-action play sessions. Use it to write "prescriptions" in a game, or just as something the players and keeper may scribble on.

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Comments / Trivia

Similarly themed props had been previously produced by Chaosium for the Dire Documents novelty pack. The forms here have a more realistic 1920's look to them.

More recently, amateur prop-makers have produced a yet more authentic, stunning set of props related to Arkham Sanatarium. See the Propnomicon blog for photos and download links for some items.


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