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Being a Keeper is a great fun, but quite different to being a game master in any other roleplaying game. Keeper's need to have their wits about them at all times and be ready to quickly improvise new story elements as the players head in unusual directions. Often, due to the sometimes-complex plots of Cthulhu adventures this can be significantly more challenging than in your standard fantasy fare!

However, the rewards can be great! When you keeper a story well the players will be transported to a different, scary world, and the intrigue, alien horror and plots of their adversaries will envelop them in gaming goodness. But be warned, keepering is addictive, pretty soon you could find yourself scribbling notes and giggling as new and devious ways to torment your players spring to mind!

This section of the wiki is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to keepering, nor will it explain the rules (they are in the book!), instead it will attempt to offer useful advice and tips for each of the facets of being a successful keeper. But remember, "With great power comes great responsibility". So it is with being a Keeper. Every week or two a half-dozen friends will entrust with you three or four hours of their life. They are hoping these will be hours that are more entertaining than movies, TV, or a good book. Or even exercise! You owe it to them to try your best to give them a great time. In return you will have a great time as well!

Setting up your game

Developing your story

Running a game