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    After a long and protracted birth, the Punktown setting book for Call of Cthulhu (and BRP) has been released.
    Originally a Kickstarter from Miskatonic River Press in 2012, various development problems (and the closure of MRP) meant that the Punktown setting book, based on the works of Jeffrey Thomas, has now been completed and made available through Chronicle City (@AngusA).
    The print edition of Punktown is still in process but it's good to see that even elderly Kickstarters (6th Edition Call of Cthulhu) can still see the light of day!
    An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu Sixth Edition and BRP uses Chaosium's system to explore a dark, futuristic world fraught with untold perils created by author Jeffrey Thomas. Imagine Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Minority Report, Total Recall and the rest of the dark, not-too-distant-future genre. Now add aliens, mutants, robots and Lovecraftian horror. Blend them together, an you get a hint of what Punktown is like.
    This reference explores the city itself, the alien races, gthe weaponry, the creatures, mutations, cybernetics, drugs, sanity (and the inevitable loss thereof), and the options of adding the Cthulhu Mythos into the mix. As written in Thomas' work, the mythos is already there, threatening life as Punktowners know it. If you're a cyberpunk fan, if you're a horror fan, or if you're both, this book is for you.
    Keep your eyes wide, your pistol close, and mind the snipes. Those who venture into Punktown never leave the same... if they leave at all.
    Price: $15 PDF
    Source: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/245747/Punktown--A-Setting-Book-for-Call-of-Cthulhu-and-Basic-Roleplaying

    Arc Dream Publishing have launched a crowd funder for a new Delta Green RPG supplement: The Labyrinth, authored by Delta Green co-creator, @JohnScottTynes.
    The Labyrinth promises a collection of new organisations featuring "...ready-made sources of allies, enemies, mysteries, and surprises for your Delta Green campaign..." all presented in a 192 page full colour hardcover and illustrated by @dennisd.
    Monies raised will go towards "...its writing, editing, illustration, and design, and for printing...". The Kickstarter for The Labyrinth runs until 1st August with a planned delivery date of April 2019 (for PDF, August for print).

    We return to our new alternate venue (Geek Retreat) and Marty and I are joined once more by Adrian Tchaikovsky for News from Pnakotus!
    In this summer edition we talk about The Fall of Delta Green, Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018, the ancient megalithic site of Callanish, and 1930s German rocket experiments in Scotland, along with (a fair few) other outré topics.
    As usual, pick up the latest News from Pnakotus here or on our podcast feed – until it's replaced by the next one. Listen to find out how to win a hardcover copy of The Fall of Delta Green...
    NfP is an Advanced Podcast which means it features artwork, chapters and links inside the file (when using a suitable podcast player) – it's rather neat (and occasionally useful).
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    YSDC Games Day 2018

    By PoC, in News,

    Tickets are available for this year's YSDC Games Day (and Games Night) - Yoggie's annual games gathering in the historic heart of Yorkshire (a stone's throw from those dark and brooding moors). Come, join us for a day of Cthulhu gaming fun at the end of September!
    Games Night promises more entertainment and social activities, along with delightful food – well deserved after a hard day battling the Mythos. (Held at the same venue used by The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.) 
    Become part of a great social and gaming event and help foil more fiendish Mythos plots in our fifth year of YSDC Games Day...
    To mark our fifth year (though actually the 7th Games Day), we'll have prizes, giveaways and possibly the (very) odd quiz or two. It should be fun.
    YSDC Games Day 2018
    GAMES - "All Cthulhu, all the time..."!
    FRIENDS - meet up with old ones and make some new ones!
    FOOD - Helen's "Sanity Rolls" service returns, including bespoke sandwiches delivered to your games table along with a range of delicious and freshly baked goods to feast upon...
    Day event: 25 places, Evening event: 40 places.
    Pick up a Games Day Ticket and/or a Games Night Ticket.
    With June's site upgrade we are now able to accept credit cards and Apple/Google Pay as well as PayPal. What are you waiting for? 😉

    I highlighted Rats in the Walls back in March, however since then it's received more love and attention with the inclusion of new illustrations by Tithi Luadthong, and a few rules revisions (along with some good reviews).
    Rats in the Walls: A Roleplaying Game of Cosmic Horror by @AlexandreJ is a relatvely minimalist d6-based RPG rules set available in PDF from DriveThruRPG (with a print edition promised via Lulu). You can pick up the digital edition for about $6 USD.
    The art-free version is still available under "pay what you want".
    Be part of the discussion about this game in our forums.
    Rats in the Walls
    Rats in the Walls is a roleplaying game of cosmic horror, inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft (but it doesn't use HPL's Mythos).
    The game system is inspired by classics like Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Traveller and more recent titles like Maze Rats or Into the Odd. It uses 2D6 and only the players roll the dice so the GM can focus on the players' choices. The system is aimed at long-term play but works very well with one-shots as well. The default setting are the roaring '20s but an appendix allows you to create medieval characters. Grab a character sheet, 2D6, pick a profession and a reputation and go fight the Old Ones or die screaming.  
    This is the revised, fully illustrated edition.
    Source: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/246243/Rats-in-the-Walls

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    • UrsusMaior
      Okay, I'm super psyched about this campaign as we're currently playing it in my group. The whole flair of the Orient Express, 1920s Europe and especially the connection between HotOE and MoN that is Nyarlathotep. This all gets a lot of additional flair when using the optional adventures in the alternate timelines (I hope, we just arrived in Paris, so we haven't played any of them).   But oh boy do I wish they har not just added new content, but also altered that ending. Getting double crossed all the time and then revealing that this all was a setup is just bad for player morale. And it makes a stupid, illogical story as well. If MM is that very powerful, cunning deceiver, who murders three co-Brothers-of-the-Skin, just to take over his daddy's cult, why wouldn't he just go on the artifact hunt himself? Or have some minions of his do his bidding? Money cannot be a problem for him, he can be whoever he wants wherever he wants.   And then there is the culture side of it. Sure, the British Empire is at the peak of it's power, but what personal motive does MM have to screw with the Duke of York (future George VI)? Why not George V? Or at least his heir Edward VIII? Why would he care for the British Royals at all, why not go after Kemal Atatürk? This is 1923 after all, the most decisive year for Turkey since the Great War: They just won the war against Greece, defied the Allies and their Treaty of Sèvres and are about to conclude negotiating the Treaty of Lausanne. The city of Lausanne is also a part of the HoTOE storyline and the negotiations are explicitly mentioned. Yet, not connection between the real world and MM seems to exist.   If I would have a say in this (and I do when I GM a campaign), I would make MM have ambitions beyond controlling daddy's cult. I would go full "make Turkey great again", but "not a pesky republic, when I can be be 'caliph instead of the caliph'" (to quote the French comics on "Iznogoud"). Having the whole campaign being centered on a ploy to get to replace the second in line of succession of the British Empire gives the storyline a distinct taste of Orientalism. But the Ottoman Empire is more than just an annex to European history, Turkish villains might and will have goals that are ultimately not be centered around London ( or Paris or Berlin for that matter). Instead my MM will try to take over young Turkey and carve out an Empire of his own, something which his father never had the courage to do after all, if one is to believe the Gaslight adventure "The Blood-Red Fez".   So, summing up, I will not leave the end as it is. 1) for gaming reasons, 2) for reasons of narrative logic - and we're talking story immersion here after all, too - and 3) because it diminishes the agency of non-European NPCs. I absolutely applaude Chaosium for their work in revising especially No.'s 2) and 3) in their new MoN-edition. It makes for a richer game and surely will improve the gaming experience.
    • Taavi
      Many people have suggested using the Doom Train as a way to introduce Professor Smith, as the person who suggests they investigate the train (as part of his investigation into ghosts and psychic phenomena).
    • JeffErwin
      As a relation of Mary Towne Easty/Eastey/Estes myself this intrigues me. A perusal of the catalogue of the correspondence at Brown suggests possibly a certain Margaret K. Porter (who was was writing to at the time, I think), as the Kimball (K.?) and Porter families have some descendants of her in their trees. But that's pretty much a trained intuition rather than something supported by actual genealogies.   Perhaps you'll recognize a better candidate here: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Towne-Descendants-4
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