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    Chaosium Relaunches Fiction Line

    By PoC, in News,

    Following the take-over and restructuring of Chaosium in 2015, the company's fiction line was suspended. Now some three years later it's being restarted with the release of three new titles for 2018: H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon for Beginning Readers (September), Sisterhood: Dark Tales and Secret Histories (October), and The Leaves of a Necronomicon (November).
    With the relaunch James Lowder becomes Chaosium's Executive Editor of Fiction, overseeing planned quarterly releases throughout 2019. Titles will be available through shops, online agents and Chaosium's own web site.
    Source: https://www.chaosium.com/blogchaosium-announces-fiction-program-relaunch/


    News from Pnakotus: Barrow Rummagers

    By PoC, in News,

    News from Pnakotus hits the aether-waves once more as we bring you the latest news and views from Yog-Sothoth in not-terribly-efficient-but-perhaps-mildly-entertaining fashion.
    Come, join us, as Marty and I discuss the likes of Free RPG Day, Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018 (again) and Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder amongst a number of other... things...
    This week we're back in the Tea Rooms, but Geek Retreat went so well it looks like we'll have a go at alternating venues.
    Pick up the latest show here (until it's replaced by the next one). If you'd like more text-based news and information, see our new newsletter sign-up.
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    NfP is an Advanced Podcast, featuring artwork, chapters and links inside the file (when using a suitable podcast player).


    CBC, Jun 2018: Nexus-6

    By PoC, in News,

    Welcome to the June 2018 edition of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.
    We return to our natural home, the tea rooms of Yorkshire, for this more-boisterous-than-usual meeting of the CBC, as we're joined by @Helen to mark "Olde Yoggie's" 20th birthday. This meeting is also significant as it signals our final foray on Patreon as Breakfast Club returns home to Yog-Sothoth.
    Come, pull up a chair and join us at our table once more for some good cheer among friends.
    The Cthulhu Breakfast Club: Nexus-6
    Featuring discussion of:
    Leaving Patreon, new version of YSDC, Gravitational Waves, new Warhammer and RuneQuest, Deluxe Gamer Sets and several other sundry topics.
    This CBC recording is an Advanced Podcast, featuring chapters and links inside the file (when using a suitable podcast player).
    Available to Patrons and Breakfast Club supporters.

    Join @MartyJopson and me as we hold our first News from Pnakotus since our 20th birthday site upgrade. To celebrate we change venue for this edition as we record at Geek Retreat in Leeds and have a surprise guest on the show [a surprise to us and to him], author Adrian Tchaikovsky (The Private Life of Elder Things).
    Featuring discussion about the sixth generation of Yog-Sothoth, RuneQuest Glorantha, Geek Retreat, and UK Games Expo 2018 and its awards – amongst other things.
    This is what a podcast sounds like when your hosts have definitely not had enough sleep...
    NfP is an Advanced Podcast, featuring artwork, chapters and links inside the file (when using a suitable podcast player).

    We were offline over last weekend and if you're a regular visitor you will have noticed a difference. YSDC has had a site upgrade, marking two decades of being online.
    We hope you find the changes an improvement, they were done for security, legal compliance and the efficiency and flexibility of more modern code. There are still a few kinks to iron out, a few bugs to squash and a little bit more reorganisation to do, but we're back and ready to [party] carry on!
    Thank you for your support and being part of "Olde Yoggie". We're still the same, just with a shiny new coat. 😉

    Screenshots of the previous generations of YSDC going back to 1998.
    [Trivia: This post marks our 1,100th news item.]


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