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    nameless (AKA "Champagne & Shotguns") is the moniker of Yog-Sothoth's own internal roleplaying game of mystery and suspense.


    nameless is a simple, rules-lite Lovecraftian RPG system that uses six-sided dice (or coins) as the primary resolution mechanic. Character creation is fast and flexible with an emphasis on the game at the table (rather than in the rulebook). Scenarios are either our own creations or ones written specifically for us.


    Patrons of Yog-Sothoth can listen to the catalogue of recordings (released in 3D binaural sound) as well as discuss the games in The Silver Lodge.


    Come, join the Innsmouth House Players as they begin a new journey into Lovecraftian worlds of horror and adventure!




    Clip from The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby.
    Binaural 3D audio evolved from an Ambisonic master.

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