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    nameless (AKA "Champagne & Shotguns") is the moniker of Yog-Sothoth's own internal roleplaying game of mystery and suspense.


    nameless is a very simple, rules-lite Lovecraftian RPG system that uses six-sided dice or coins as the primary resolution mechanic. Basic character creation is fast and flexible with an emphasis on the game at the table (rather than in the rulebook). Scenarios are either our own creations or ones written specifically for us.


    If you're a Patron of Yog-Sothoth you can listen to the full catalogue of recordings of nameless in play as well as discuss the games in The Silver Lodge.


    Come, join the Innsmouth House Players as they begin a new journey into Lovecraftian worlds of horror and adventure!




    Clip from The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby.
    Binaural 3D audio evolved from an Ambisonic master.

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    • PaulFricker
      This year saw the first Tabletop Gaming Live event at Alexandra Palace, London. While its focus is mainly on board games and war games, there was some RPG presence. Chaosium were in attendance, offering demo games of Call of Cthulhu and Runequest all through the weekend.   Additionally, Mike Mason organised a panel discussion titled Calling Cthulhu and invited the Good Friends to flesh it out. Matt was unable to attend, but Paul and Scott joined the discussion. It’s largely a Q&A session in which we explain what Call of Cthulhu is, what upcoming releases to get excited about and what sinister techniques we use to make our players cry.   This recording was made by plugging our Zoom audio recorder into the PA system. It came out relatively well, although the size of the venue and the number of attendees mean there is a fair amount of echo and background noise. All in all, we thought it may make a divering special episode. We hope you enjoy it!   Listen Here
    • Bishop
      If is a larger scale operation that snatches from many different locales, then you likely won't have players asking for any statistics.  Is there a reason why you are going for such a large portion of each salami to be young long pig (checking off all the cannibal key words for you)?  I guess the question is how many sacrifices have to be made for the wizard and how large of an operation it takes to collect and dispose of the bodies?  Example, if it is once a month.  I imagine even a small butcher shop could get away with disposing of the body through normal processing. Now if it is every couple nights, that would take a much larger operation of course.  Something a local shop probably couldn't hide very easily.
    • GBSteve
      You can have more than one person splitting stability to the casting costs, especially when performing a ritual when the inertia can be 35 or more.   Given that both sides are likely to spend 3 points each per round, so as not to fail the ritual, the inertia is essentially a measure of how long it takes to cast the spell, as well as a significant stability drain. 
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