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    • jansilence
      Oh, it's by Marcus L Rowland - one of my favourite writers from 1980s White Dwarf. Thanks for the heads-up.   This line caught my eye:   'Any ship which is forced to cut engine power may have some unwelcome visitors.’   The radiation from a spaceship (or ether flyers, as they are called in the article) seems to repel most lesser mythos creatures. Passengers are safe as long as the engines run. More powerful entities, like Azathoth, are not affected by this but as they are quite rare I think it will not cause any problems.   Space: 1889 only seems to deal with the solar system. Humanity in Odd Soot has access to faster-than-light drives (based on alien, rather clumsy inter-dimensional travel) but I can use most of the ideas from the article as is.   Any other CoC titles dealing with spaceships vs. mythos creatures?
    • PaulFricker
      We wrap our exploration of The Dunwich Horror in episode 150: listen here.   This is the final part of our unusually long look at Lovecraft’s weird tale, The Dunwich Horror. It’s taken us four episodes to cover it all, but we think this is warranted. Whether or not you think this is a good story (and there’s some dissent about this in the episode) it is an important one. Lovecraft laid out some key components of the Cthulhu Mythos here. The tale may arguably be less than the sum of its parts, but oh what parts it has.   The Blasphemous Tome 4 1/2: As we mentioned, it’s not been long since we released issue 4of The Blasphemous Tome. With it being a small ‘zine, we struggled to put everything we wanted into it and had some leftover material. Happily, a solution has presented itself. Around the middle of this year (probably the end of June) we shall release the Blasphemous Tome 4 1/2. The main difference between this and its big brother is that issue 4 1/2 will be a PDF-only release. You can still print it out, of course! We shall provide regular updates over the next 4 months.  
    • Graham
      I've not done that, but the 43rd Issue of GDWs house magazine Challenge ran an article on how to mix Call of Cthulhu with Space 1889, some of the ideas in that might be useful. Here are the magazine details at the YSDC  Wiki, the article links to rpg.net if you want to purchase the issue.   YSDC Wiki: Challenge, Issue 43
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