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    • UrsusMaior
      Okay, maybe some of you can help me plan in advance here. It's about the Peruvian chapter in MoN and I still have at least a year until we get there. But I like to prepare in advance.   In essence, I want to play the new MoN using the HPLHS props, but my group started playing and working together in 1923. Peru happens in 1921 and I care highly about consistency and plausibility.   So, I am currently in a dilemma: My group is playing HotOE in 1923 and I provisioned for them to meet Jackson Elias in Paris to make the connection to MoN early in the campaign. This was before the new MoN arrived. I have no trouble retconning him to be black. It works well, actually. But the year 1921 might pose a problem.   It would be hard for me to play the Peruvian chapter as is written, since would be inconsistent to time-jump them into 1921. Before 1923 they never met each other or Jackson Elias, so the general question is: do you think Peru could be played in 1923 (post-HotOE) easily? I ordered the HPLHS prop box, so many props might be time-stamped incorrectly for my campaign. But other than that (and for me that's a huge "but", though my players might be more forgiving), does it pose a problem for the Peruvian chapter to play in 1923 rather than 1921?
        How would you handle the dilemma? What are your thoughts? Any solutions other than those I mentioned?   Thanks in advance.
    • UrsusMaior
      Good gosh, that beats even my wildest expectations.
    • johnmcfloss
      I quite like having the two, and tend to use them both for different purposes - Listen comes first, and generally gives an indication that something is coming, although it's not always easy to gauge what or where. By the time you're making a Spot Hidden check to see it, it's generally already on top of you. (In it's most straightforward example, Listen gives you time to prepare an ambush for the people up ahead, Spot gives you chance to avoid the one they've set)   There's obviously crossover between them, but I tend to find there's always one that's better suited to ask my players to roll than the others.   (It also functions as a redundancy - if they fail one, they get to try to avoid failing the other. But having a situation where it's that important that people pass a check is a different issue in it's own right)
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