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    A new year and a new (well, slightly revised) Cthulhu Breakfast Club!
    Yoggies gather once again in the cool climes of Yorkshire to talk of things they have seen and heard (and some things, quite frankly, they haven't – but that never stopped them before).
    The January edition of Breakfast Club features LOUDER hosts, a new melding with the old News from Pnakotus, discussion of Kickstarter conundrums, and printing cthulhiana in 3D. Talking of "3D", this meeting was originally broadcast live in 180º stereoscopic video. Truly, we are living in end future times.
    We also have a giveaway this month, a stereoscopic viewer to help join along with some of our forthcoming endeavours – details can be found in the CBC forum.
    Welcome, once again, to the Cthulhu Breakfast Club!
    – and finally, something from Marty...


    Shadows Over Stillwater

    By PoC, in News,

    Shadows Over Stillwater – a three-part campaign (with extras) for Chaosium's wild/weird/old West Call of Cthulhu supplement, Down Darker Trails, is out from Chaosium.
    Besides the main campaign from Kevin Ross, there's also an additional scenario (Beneath the Burning Sun), adventure seeds and a "...fully realised town [Stonegarden] in which to base adventures".
    Pick it up from Chaosium's web site now, priced at $18 USD for the 176 page PDF.
    Source: https://www.chaosium.com/shadows-over-stillwater-pdf

    Remember Feed the Shoggoth!, the "deliciously evil Lovcraftian card game" from @Badger and Squamous Studios? Well, if you're hungry for more (like Shoggoths), then you may very well enjoy the newly announced expansion for the game, Morsels of Madness which is live on Kickstarter.
    The expansion to Feed the Shoggoth! offers 42 additional cards including new Cult Factions, Artefacts, Spells, Minions and more. You can back the crowd funding project starting at a very reasonable $10 USD for a physical copy and of course higher pledge tiers come with shoggothy extras...
    Looking to pick up the original game as well? Feed the Shoggoth! is available directly from the Feed the Shoggoth! web site for $20 USD.
    Morsels of Madness: An expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!
    See: Morsels of Madness on Kickstarter (Until 13th February, 2019)
    This news article is sponsored by Squamous Studios. Badger is a long-time supporter of "Olde Yoggie" and I'm very glad to see his game doing well.


    DART: Masks of Nyarlathotep

    By PoC, in News,

    Out from the HPLHS comes their biggest audio drama yet (at over seven hours long), an adaptation of Chaosium's classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, Masks of Nyarlathotep.
    The digital download version can be purchased and listened to now, with the physical release promised in a few weeks.
    A number of variants are available, from download-only and CD, through to "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" releases (ranging in price from $35 to over $900 USD).
    Now you can start off the New Year with an epic tale of Lovecraftian horror and adventure!
    See also our YSDC forum topic following the progress of this landmark release.
    Source: https://store.hplhs.org/collections/dark-adventure-radio-theatre/products/dark-adventure-radio-theatre-masks-of-nyarlathotep


    nameless: The Manderley Mysteries 2

    By PoC, in News,

    nameless returns with The Manderley Mysteries 2.
    The "war to end all wars" is over, peace returns to the land and the sound of wedding bells are in the air, but not all is beauty and light in the seat of Empire. A seemingly cut and dried murder case begs further investigation and an act of faith. How can the "impossible" be possible?
    Join the Innsmouth House Players at the table once more as they delve into a new scenario by @Blennophobia.
    nameless recordings are in binaural (3D) sound evolved from a high resolution Ambisonic master. Now released at a new louder target of -16 LUFS.
    The Manderley Mysteries is one of a unique set of exclusive scenarios run under YSDC's own rules-lite Lovecraftian roleplaying system.
    To get all the latest content (and to support the site) become a Patron of Yog-Sothoth. 

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    • Taavi
      I think making the Forgers 5 points in art/craft compulsory is over the top, when you consider they have to put points in Forgery as well. It should just be an occupational skill.
    • grodog
      I was very sad to hear about Larry's passing.  Larry introduced me to the games Incan Gold and Groo (the card game), and I played Cosmic Encounter for the first time with he and Tadashi Ehara at DunDraCon.   Allan.
    • yronimoswhateley
      If it helps, the Gaslight/Victorian era actually overlaps what we usually think of as the setting for the American Western, give or take a decade or so.  The American Western is probably far more familiar to American gamers (and perhaps gamers around the world) as a reference point for technology, clothing, culture, and such, and the Weird Western has always been a popular setting for stories of the unknown and supernatural, even before the "real life" Victorian era.    Gaslight Cthulhu generally assumes a more urban (and typically English) setting than the Weird Western does, but that need not be the case.   So, in addition to the iconic gaslight lamps, expect proper ladies and gentlemen to be dressed in the stuffy Victorian fashion, transportation by horse-and-buggy and by steam locomotive,  long-distance communication by snail-mail delivered by rail, and later by telegraph (but probably not telephone or radio), comparatively light urbanization and industrialization, a growing interest in science and a general faith in the overall benefit and goodness of science and industry, household servants (and, in the earlier part of the era, slaves) for the upper-class and often the middle class, and an idealization of the self-made "renaissance man" (who is in control of his own fortune, has created his own wealth, and has taught himself a little bit about everything he has needed to build his own home, invent his own industry, govern his own business and household staff, entertain and educate his own family, manage his own finances, fight his own fights in court and with fists, etc.)  It's an era that seems to have placed a lot of stock in almost brutal practicality and realism, and which tended to distrust and disdain fantasy and sentimentality.   Some other setting possibilities in the same era that I think could provide some interesting backdrops for Gaslight-era Call of Cthulhu:     The Victorian/Gaslight Era was also a sort of "kitchen sink" for every kind of weird or outright insane idea or -ism you can possible imagine - starting with That Guy Who Invented Corn Flakes as an example of the standard-issue crack-pottery of the age, extending into every possible extreme of spiritualism, anarchism, communism, capitalism, fascism, nihilism, racism, classism, sexism, and beyond, on into embracing every imaginable weird cult, pseudo-science, bizarre health fad (such as swallowing radium pills or selling cocaine cough drops to kids over the counter), and screwball conspiracy theory of the time (hollow earth, secret continents, hidden dynasties of lost nations, mesmerism, the destinies of man being controlled by secret immortal cabals of evil foreign vampires, you name it....)  In short, it was fertile ground for all sorts of the kinds of screwball stuff that turns up in Lovecraftian literature, dialed to 11.     In literary terms, the Gaslight era could be thought of as more than just the era of Sherlock Holmes - it also includes such early science fiction and popular Gothic works and interesting art movements as:        
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