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    News from Pnakotus: The Well of Chaos


    Welcome once again to News from Pnakotus.


    This edition of NfP marks the sad news of the passing of Greg Stafford, founder of Chaosium, legendary game designer and creator of Glorantha. I first encountered Greg's cosmos when introduced to RuneQuest (II) over thirty years ago and for me, his approach to Arthurian roleplaying, Pendragon, remains a personal favourite and one of the shining lights in the history of games. He will be missed by many.


    Greg Stafford: 1948-2018


    Greg would no doubt have wished us to play on and and we still have plenty of news (and views) to bring you in our own light-hearted style, including another look at the HPLHS Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set (so big it would need multiple shows to do it full justice), a new RPG magazine, digital Cthulhu gaming, upcoming YSDC events, and of course – more.


    Patrons have access to the complete NfP archive (see below).



    Carpe diem.

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