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    Table 7: Project 21 and The Death-Ray


    Another edition of Table 7 is out – our chattiest of podcasts where Marty and I discuss all manner of things arcane, mundane, scientific and sometimes just plain weird. This time round we discuss Project 21, new RuneQuest, Staging Magic, the EFS, Bookhounds at Sotheran's, and Marty's latest terrifying invention in this rather alarming episode.


    Yoggie Patrons can pick it up now in the usual places.




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    I've pretty much only played Avalon Hill RQ. It looked good and played well, although I guess it wasn't exactly Greg's vision. I think Pendragon Pass remains my favourite version.


    You may have seen in the Senate House, a copy the Short-Title Catalogue of Research Library From 1472 to the Present Day  (Proceedings of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, Volume I, Part II, April 1929.  67-422pp.) . I've got a copy of that, it has a list of all the NLPR's, that is Harry Price's, books. You can find one of this series, but not that one, at IAPSOP, a marvellous website with all manner of weird journals.

    My favourite modern death ray is that of Harry Grindell Matthews, as demonstrated in Birmingham and London. He had a workshop in Wales between the Wars.

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