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    Secret Shoggoth XIII


    Yes, it's that time of year for more Shoggy Secrecy in Secret Shoggoth XIII! (I've always found 13 a rather nice number.)


    Secret Shoggoth is our annual festive mystery gift exchange. This year it's ably run once again by Helen who has posted details in the Yoggie forums of how to take part in this rather fun and enjoyable community event.


    The deadline for entry this year is Friday, 16th November 2018, so plenty of time to join in!


    Come join us for another year of mystery, surprise and (modest) gift-giving with Secret Shoggoth XIII! (I've already signed up. 🙂)



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    The deadline for joining in this year's "Secret Shoggoth" has now passed.

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    If you missed it, you can now join Blatant Shoggoth. Just go to a large open space, and read aloud the following text…

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