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    News from Pnakotus: Years' End


    News from Pnakotus for December 2018 is out and more changes are announced.


    One of those changes is that following a survey all our audio productions going forward will be LOUDER! Marty and I pick over the latest Lovecraftian, Cthulhu and gaming news as we turn the dials up to 11 right across the board.


    Top of the news is discussion about Sans-Détour losing their Call of Cthulhu licence and what that could mean. Our new section The Book Cellar returns and this edition of NfP is in both binaural surround sound and shotgun stereo (for folk who like to compare and contrast).


    The complete archive of News from Pnakotus (stretching back to 2010) is available to Yoggie Patrons. Thanks to everyone who's listened to our Mythos musings over the years. It's been fun. 😎



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    Thank you both for the kind words about The Dhole's House. I'm glad that Marty wasn't put off from using the site by my inane chatter at YSDC Games day.


    Sad that this will be the last NfP (in the current format) but glad it's going to be absorbed into Breakfast Club. I must admit to not listening to the previous couple of episodes but I'll rectify that 'toot-sweet'.


    I definitely noticed the loudness increase and moved the volume slider down to 65% to compensate.

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    I should point out for Paul's benefit, that St1 Up the Garden Path is not mentioned in Art & Arcana: A Visual History. Its existence is perhaps just a little too obscure and really not all that relevant for a general history like this, since it would have had no influence on the look and art of Dungeons & Dragons.

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    Yes, there are better books for that kind of thing.


    As we also noted, the visual layout for such a “visual history” unfortunately leaves something to be desired.

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