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  • News from Pnakotus: Series Three


    A new series of News from Pnakotus begins. It's the same, yet different...


    We've moved back to Innsmouth House (where we recorded Series One back in 2010), and the audio is now produced in binaural surround sound (like our game recordings) for a more intimate and relaxed show (if that's possible).


    Chris, Marty and I discuss all-manner of news and views from Lovecraftian worlds. Chris gives his verdict on the Call of Cthulhu Official Video Game (having finished it), we talk about some of the new (and not so new) game and fiction releases and we welcome the return of The Keep and Players' Directory. Not ones to shy away from difficult subjects we also talk about the troubles with Adam Scott Glancy's Horrors of War Kickstarter.


    To mark the launch of this new series of NfP we've got a stationery-related giveaway that will certainly be of interest to some. 😎


    This edition of News from Pnakotus was produced exclusively for Patrons of Yog-Sothoth (the fine folks who pay the bills). It can be picked up now in all the usual patron-y locations. Thanks for joining us once again!



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    My dad took me to see "Conan" in the theater when I was 8!! XD

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