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  • News from Pnakotus: I.C.E.


    Welcome to another News from Pnakotus, our own "news and views" podcast from Yog-Sothoth. Join me and Marty as we discuss all manner of games, Lovecraftiana and more, while ensconced in the purple and yellow surroundings of Geek Retreat.


    In this edition of NfP we discuss being "Big in Japan", the perils of altitude, 17th century machinations and small discs (of various sorts) amongst quite a few other things.


    Sit yourself comfortably, plug in your headphones and join us for 50 minutes of Cthulhu-phile chat...


    News from Pnakotus: I.C.E. {Inevitable Cthulhu Expansion}


    NfP is an Advanced Podcast [AAC audio] featuring artwork, chapters and links inside the file – can be quite useful.

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    Marty! I want recommendations on how to get around Europe by train! 

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    Personally I use Loco2.com for booking trains to European cons and have had great service without ever having to deal with Fenalik attacking me or other Horrors at any intermediate stops.

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    When I first saw the title I wondered briefly which one of you had run afoul of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement!


    A bit of useless gaming trivia: Apparently the original white box D&D wan't; the boxes were brown with a faux wood grain. The white boxes were the later reprint published as "the collector's edition" after AD&D had already come out.

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    15 minutes ago, MrTim said:

    ...The white boxes were the later reprint published as "the collector's edition" after AD&D had already come out.


    I love roleplaying history. 😎 I did not know that. Thanks for the info!

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    • cloud64
      Interesting insight, @yronimoswhately, but that doesn’t change the fact that this motel is set between two sizeable settlements only 5km apart. I can’t believe a road connecting them would be so poor. I find it odd this anomaly wasn’t picked up before publication. The problem is easily solved though – the lad is on his way to Kingsport late in the day and starts having problems with his car. Fortuitously, a motel looms out of the darkness so he decides to stop and sort the car out in the morning. He calls to inform his father, but omits to name the place. That latter point is what makes it tricky to move the scenario farther afield – the motel needs to be easy to home in on out of the possibilities. The farther the journey, the more to choose from. The investigators shouldn’t know they are at the right place, though the players may guess. Maybe have one red herring motel before they get to the right one, or they speak to his fiancée and she tells them what road he was on (if there’s a choice, can’t remember without the map.)
    • Maccabeus
      Dang it! I got suckered in. I have copies of all the published research done on the Gunderstrup Cauldron, the Antikythera Mechanism, and the Voynich Manuscript, and was excited at the prospect of learning about a new oddity. I was halfway through your writeup when I dove straight for the university's (rather extensive) online library. Puzzled that I could find no references to the Kilpisjarvi Mechanism, I gave Google Scholar a try. Only after coming up empty there did I finish reading and make it to your "punchline." Nice storytelling
    • carpocratian
      For those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas (USA), I will be running a game (non-published scenario) of Call of Cthulhu at "Metroplex RPG Expo 2" in Plano on Saturday, October 13.  It runs from 6 - 10 pm.  There are 5 player seats available. 
      Scenario: DEGLI DEI
      Description: It's 1920, and Peter Farnese has finished building a very special garden. He loves it very much. Nobody else will go in it, though, and now he won't come out. Maybe you can find him. It's just a garden, right?
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