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    News from Pnakotus: Eternal


    The uncharacteristic heat of the season (at least for Yorkshire) continues, and so does News from Pnakotus!


    Join me and Marty as we discuss all manner of games and Lovecraftiana in this August edition of YSDC's "news & views" podcast. Featuring discussion of: props sets for roleplayers, the future of Cthulhu magazines, suppressed memories and yet more horror from Arkham. All this and more (whether you want it or not) in the 68th transmission of News from Pnakotus.


    New from Pnakotus: Eternal




    NfP is an Advanced Podcast featuring artwork, chapters and links inside the file – making it easy to skip straight to the parts you want, go back and listen again or find out further information.

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    Very nice to hear you both chat about the new Eternal Journal's and great to see this 'in the flesh' as it were.

    Player/Campaign journals are a fantastic idea.

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    I think I'm really gonna like this thing, and it was so easy to order. Your shopping cart is awesome :)

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    Great stuff!


    The only real caveat we have, isn't a limit of the system – but of Royal Mail. We can only cope with packages up to 2Kg in weight at a time for orders from outside the UK; so if you see a GIANT shipping cost (like £10,000) – that's just a warning that it's over the postal service limit. (Please do not pay £10,000 - unless you really want it hand delivered anywhere in the world...) 😉

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