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    News from Pnakotus: A Weirdly Narnian Moment


    Join @MartyJopson and me as we hold our first News from Pnakotus since our 20th birthday site upgrade. To celebrate we change venue for this edition as we record at Geek Retreat in Leeds and have a surprise guest on the show [a surprise to us and to him], author Adrian Tchaikovsky (The Private Life of Elder Things).


    Featuring discussion about the sixth generation of Yog-Sothoth, RuneQuest Glorantha, Geek Retreat, and UK Games Expo 2018 and its awards – amongst other things.


    This is what a podcast sounds like when your hosts have definitely not had enough sleep...




    NfP is an Advanced Podcast, featuring artwork, chapters and links inside the file (when using a suitable podcast player).

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    Super Rhino Hero Battle! We got a copy at UKGE too, it's great. And we also got Kingdomino.


    There was a lot of Cthulhu gaming at UKGE. I played 3 session of 7e and ran one for Trail.


    However next year, the hotel we were in is £110 more expensive for the 3 days so we booked somewhere else. Yes, we've already booked.

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    Rhino Hero does sound fun! Now awaiting the inevitable Cthulhu supplement. 😉


    Aye, accommodation can be an issue, we also had to stay further out when we went last year, and £110 more for 2019? Crikey.



    We had such a nice time at Geek Retreat, we'll be trying it out as an alternating 2nd venue for NfP.

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