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    nameless: The Manderley Mysteries


    Just out for Patrons is the recording of the concluding part of our latest nameless scenario, The Manderley Mysteries by Graham.


    An old friend, Christopher Manderley,  calls for help with a sensitive family matter. What is going on with Uncle Robert, and the increasingly strange happenings at Belltower Hall? Find out in the latest instalment from the Innsmouth House Players.


    The Manderley Mysteries is one of a unique series of scenarios run under YSDC's own rules-lite Lovecraftian roleplaying system, which will be appearing in our Eternal Journal format in the coming months.



    The Players have been recording games for more than a decade and you can download a veritable avalanche of them in our Actual Play files section (just log in to access).


    I do wonder if we'll ever get better at it..! 🙂



    Afanc by WaynePeters.


    nameless recordings are released in binaural (3D) sound evolved from a high resolution Ambisonic master. It's the only games podcast in the world to do so.


    To get all the latest content (and to support the site) become a Patron of Yog-Sothoth:8E:

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