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    nameless: The Manderley Mysteries 2


    nameless returns with The Manderley Mysteries 2.


    The "war to end all wars" is over, peace returns to the land and the sound of wedding bells are in the air, but not all is beauty and light in the seat of Empire. A seemingly cut and dried murder case begs further investigation and an act of faith. How can the "impossible" be possible?


    Join the Innsmouth House Players at the table once more as they delve into a new scenario by @Blennophobia.



    nameless recordings are in binaural (3D) sound evolved from a high resolution Ambisonic master. Now released at a new louder target of -16 LUFS.


    The Manderley Mysteries is one of a unique set of exclusive scenarios run under YSDC's own rules-lite Lovecraftian roleplaying system.


    To get all the latest content (and to support the site) become a Patron of Yog-Sothoth:8E:

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