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    • Black-Seal-Editor
      KS backers who have notifications from publishers turned on for their DTRPG account will have received the following email:   "An updated version of this title is now available. The new URL will take you to a Google Drive folder containing handouts, Elias's book dustcovers, a 1925 map of Nairobi and environs, PD photos used in the MONC, and individual PDFs of the Companion pre-gens amongst other things. This folder will be irregularly updated with more material as this is sorted out."   I have added a URL file to the digital downloads of the KS MONC. This is the URL for a Sixtystone Google Drive containing goodies from the MONC project. Browse and enjoy.
    • rsanford
      Sounds like it went great. I have yet to run it when it didn't go off the rails but both times my players loved it. Stygian really did a good job!
    • DavePerry
      I ran this scenario back in January, over three three-hour sessions, which allowed plenty of time for the scenario to breathe and to cover everything in it. I provided pre-generated characters for the players to use, as this was a one-off, outside of our regular campaign: two FBI agents - a hostage negotiator and a profiler / cult specialist - and two police detectives. The first two sessions were solid investigation work: the first ending with the discovery of the rental car and the GPS being disabled and the second upon finding Lindsay at the motel. My players were fairly switched on and began questioning what was really going on very early on.   At the beginning of the third session, the FBI profiler was very sympathetic to Lindsay's plight, whilst the others just wanted to get that little girl home and safe "whatever it takes". We spent an hour just doing negotiations with Lindsay through the closed door, which was very tense at times, before the Hunting Horror struck. Regina was safe and taken away for medical help and questioning by the PCs. Eventually, she was allowed to go home, with the PCs the heroes in the media circus that followed. I'd had the story be the lead news story throughout the scenario, with #PrayforRegina going viral on social media and even Trump sending his prayers for her safe return.   Even though the players thought that something horrible was going to happen next, they stayed in character and said "that's it, we've done our job", apart from the FBI profiler. The scenario then went really off script as the players took it off in completely different direction than what was written. They had the film clip of the Passover Angel in the church, though a couple of them thought it was faked. They didn't have enough evidence to stop the ritual, but thought that they had enough evidence to suspect that Regina was in real danger. So they obtained a court order to bring Regina back in for some further tests, a trick to keep her safe until after Wednesday. With an ironic twist, I had Roxanna Goldfarb be the child welfare officer who accompanied them, to in effect carry out Lindsay's original plan.   Outside the Balfour's house and church, the media were camped outside to film "the rapture live", together with hundreds of people who wanted to join the church as a result of all the national publicity it had received during the search for Regina. The PCs went in, on the Tuesday morning, to take Regina away again. Well, the church members weren't having that and Johnny Zero and the other nutcases came out with guns and tried to prevent the PCs from leaving the house with Regina. A shouting match ensued and I can't remember who fired the first shot, but a blood bath followed - a cross between the Wild Bunch and the Waco siege - with casualties on both sides and amongst the crowds waiting to join the church. The surviving PCs got Regina safely away and brought a handcuffed John Balfour in "for incitement". No ritual took place and the cult was effectively finished. The PCs careers were effectively over, but the players were on a high after such an explosive ending.   Overall, a brilliant scenario that is just as good even if it goes off on a wild tangent.
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