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    Feed the Shoggoth: Morsels of Madness [KS]


    Remember Feed the Shoggoth!, the "deliciously evil Lovcraftian card game" from @Badger and Squamous Studios? Well, if you're hungry for more (like Shoggoths), then you may very well enjoy the newly announced expansion for the game, Morsels of Madness which is live on Kickstarter.


    The expansion to Feed the Shoggoth! offers 42 additional cards including new Cult Factions, Artefacts, Spells, Minions and more. You can back the crowd funding project starting at a very reasonable $10 USD for a physical copy and of course higher pledge tiers come with shoggothy extras...


    Looking to pick up the original game as well? Feed the Shoggoth! is available directly from the Feed the Shoggoth! web site for $20 USD.


    Morsels of Madness: An expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!



    See: Morsels of Madness on Kickstarter (Until 13th February, 2019)


    This news article is sponsored by Squamous Studios. Badger is a long-time supporter of "Olde Yoggie" and I'm very glad to see his game doing well.

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    Thanks for the shout out, Paul! Right now we're close to hitting our initial goal, and after that we'll be able to start unlocking stretch goals. I'd like to add that, for anyone who missed the initial KS for the core game, there's also a pledge level that will let you get the expansion and the original game in one go. :)





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    The Kickstarter concluded at $6,465/$3,500 USD from 150 backers.

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